Limited edition ‘barkuterie’ boards bring the art of charcuterie to dogs

dog with barkuterie board
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A dog treat company is bringing charcuterie boards to dogs in the form of barkuterie boards.

Rocky Kanaka’s natural treat company, The Dog Bakery, has just announced this exclusive, limited-availability product: a custom barkuterie board.

Each custom canine platter is made to order and personalized to suit each dog’s refined taste, whether they prefer sweet or  savory, soft or crunchy, or have any allergies.

The Dog Bakery includes 17 hand-selected items for each board, creating a variety of textures, flavors and scents to give dogs a gourmet experience.

Among some of the offerings:

  • Peanut butter tea sandwiches
  • Cheesy crackers
  • Personalized bone with dog’s name
  • Chicken breast jerky
  • Beef jerky
  • Apple pie mini bones
  • Bacon cheddar bites
  • Apple rings
  • Banana chips
  • Peanut butter jar

Every order includes a sustainably harvested cherry cutting board and a cookie cutter to make cookies and crackers for future barkuterie projects.

The Dog Bakery is offering the barkuterie board for for a limited time.

The Dog Bakery is a project by Rocky Kanaka, a YouTuber  and animal advocate who has helped to raise awareness for animal welfare, connected rescued animals with forever homes, and increased support for organizations fighting for animal rights.

Founded over a decade ago, The Dog Bakery offers dog lovers a resource for all-natural baked goods for their dogs. The Dog Bakery’s brick-and-mortar locations serve fresh baked goods to California locals, while the website keeps dog-owners around the country stocked with dog treats.

Editor’s note: It looks great — I just have one question: Is it weird that a story about dog charcuterie just made me really hungry?


Barkuterie Board

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