Putting dog chew toys to the test with a champion chewer; Meadow versus the rubber banana

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Meadow (my sister’s dog) is a champion chewer who can go through supposedly long-lasting bones/toys. Since 2019, she has been putting her chewing prowess to work to test various chew toys for this site so that we can help dog parents to choose the best toys for their own dogs.

Today, we’ll be looking at Meadow’s most recent opponent — the JW Banana Chew-ee Dental Chew Toy.

Banana Chew-ee Dental Chew Toy package
photo by Cicely Walters

Meadow was extremely anxious to get a hold of this toy, which, according to petmate.com, lets your dog chew and have their teeth cleaned at the same time because the “no-pinch pockets on the toy can be filled with your dog’s toothpaste or a spreadable treat” and, “As your dog chews, the super-scrubber design featuring raised and recessed textured patterns clean built-up plaque from your dog’s teeth.” However, Meadow enjoyed her chew toy without any dog toothpaste or treat.

Dog chewing toy
Meadow is always happy to help with a chew toy test.

The toy, which is made of rubber and rope, help up to Meadow’s strong teeth for about a half an hour, a period of time which was quite enjoyable for Meadow but probably not as equally enjoyable for the banana. The body of the banana did stay mostly intact, but, as you can see from the picture, below,  the rope part and the ends of the banana were separated. And, don’t worry, the loose pieces were thrown out so that Meadow wouldn’t choke or accidentally swallow them.

chewed up chow toy
Meadow wins again!

For more information, about this Banana toy, visit: https://www.petmate.com/jw-banana-chew-ee-dental-dog-toy/product/60639

Have a suggestion for a great chew toy that you think can give Meadow a run for her money? Let us know!


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