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Museum of Dog:  For those not familiar with the the it, located in the Berkshires in Massachusetts since April 2017, this museum is all about sharing the love of all things dog. It contains a collection of original photographs and memorabilia, including rare dog collars dating back to the 1800s. It boasts over 180 pieces created by dog loving artists including Mary Engel, William Wegman and Kathy Ruttenberg.

lucky waving cat artwork by Barbara Bullington

The Lucky Cat Museum: Located in Cincinnatti, Ohio, the Lucky Cat, or Maneki Neko, Museum opened during a 2012 ArtWalk to display the owner’s ever-growing collection of those iconic gold cat statues, which many people recognize because they are often seen greeting visitors to Chinese or Japanese restaurants with a waving paw (maneki means to beckon and neko means cat).

Often referred to as Lucky or Fortune Cats, these statues are very interesting to look at for their bright colors, cute faces and variations in detail. If you’re not in the area and ready to make a trip just yet, you can get a peak at some of the collection by visiting,


The Feline Historical Museum. Also in Ohio is the Feline Historical Museum, which also has more Maneki Neko, along with some other great attractions.

Those attractions include one cool cat house.The Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation, Inc. acquired the ‘Cat House’ originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Gerald B. Tonkens family of Cincinnati. It is a 4-foot square piece designed in 1954 specifically for a cat belonging to Mr. Tonkens’ daughter. The bright, “Cherokee Red,” mid-Century Modern design of the house doesn’t exactly scream “cozy,” but we like to imagine the cat was pretty smug knowing it got to nap in a one-of-a-kind futuristic-looking and less than humble abode.

And, among other great elements of the museum, perhaps the best is the fact that are actual cats, including appearances by agility cats, and Maine Coons and RagDolls having had the run of the museum. Visitors should check the calendar for scheduled cat appearances.

Below is the street view of the museum from Google Maps.

American Museum of the House Cat. Photo used with permission from


The American Museum of the House Cat: This museum is a collection of over 30 years worth of things relating to the house cat.

It includes art (modern, folk, advertising, poster, and more), glass cats, as well as vintage and antique cat toys.

According to its website, the museum helps the Catman2 no-kill cat shelter by providing funding for discounted spay/neuter services to the local community. 

The American Kennel Club Museum of Dog. This museum of canine-related artwork was located in St. Louis, Missouri for 30 years, but relocated and reopened in mid-town Manhattan in February 2019 in the same building as AKC headquarters (with access to the library, archives and collection).

For more dog and cat museums around the world, visit:


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