Cold weather can make it harder for your pet to find its way home and other winter warnings

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As winter storms pick up around the country, it’s important to remember to practice cold weather pet safety.

Here are some simple tips and reminders to keep the chill off of your pet.


Dogs sometimes get confused in the winter because the snow masks the familiar smells of home. Make sure your pooch is properly identified in case he decides to wander.


Pets are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as humans, so pet parents are encouraged to bring pets inside during below-freezing weather. If they do have to be outside for any length of time, a heated water bowl and a heated doghouse or shelter are great options. So are thermal dog beds.


Make sure to check under the car before driving away. Cats are often attracted to the warmth and have been known to find shelter under the hood. This is also the time of year antifreeze is often in garages, and in driveways so be sure it is not within reach of your pet as it is deadly.


Cold weather also spikes the use of fireplaces, space heaters and heated blankets. Make sure your pet is protected from these heating devices and that they cannot knock them over or burn themselves.


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