The ultimate comparison guide for every major flea, tick and worming treatment on the market

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PORTLAND, Oregon (PRLog) — With a growing number of flea, tick and worming treatments for pets released each year, it’s difficult to know how to provide your pet with the best cover, most efficiently, at the best price.

Luckily for pet owners, PetBucket has listened to customers’ queries and spent the last 18 months outlining and comparing all of the major American flea, tick and worming treatments on the market, like Bravecto and Nexgard (as well as the brands they don’t sell), to help you choose the best flea treatment or tick and worm products for your pet.

The company compared a number of properties of each product, including:

  • the parasites treated,
  • the life stage at which they’re treated,
  • how the treatment is administered,
  • the dosage schedule,
  • active ingredients,
  • and how quickly the treatment starts working.

“We all like to keep our pets healthy, not only because we love them, but also to prevent sky-high vet bills,” a spokesperson at PetBucket said. “And one way of doing so is providing them with preventative medicine. We hope our handy infographic and flea treatment comparison guide will help our customers — and pet owners all over the world — choose the appropriate products for their situation, and keep their dog or cat healthy, happy and parasite-free.”


Besides viewing the above infographic from PetBucket, you can also check out PetBucket’s flea treatment comparison guide on their website.

PetBucket has assured that they will constantly keep their treatment comparison page up-to-date in line with new products that are released.

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