Dr. Panda Town: Pet World introduces kids to a theme park in the company of their furry friends

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SHANGHAI, CHINA (24-7PressRelease) — Children’s app developer Dr. Panda has launched their latest digital creation to app marketplaces worldwide after requests from fans to expand their successful Dr. Panda Town series.

Designed for kids ages 4+, Dr. Panda Town: Pet World introduces children to a magical and enchanted theme park. Kids can explore a number of exciting locations including a magical castle, pet-hotel, hospital and a variety of fun rides and attractions, all in the company of their adorable furry friends.

Pet World deviates from popular prequels in the series, such as Dr. Panda Town: Mall and Dr. Panda Town: Vacation.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have such a loyal and engaged fan following, enthusiastic to see which Dr. Panda product is coming next,” said Lin Yan, Dr. Panda CEO. “Unlike the other Dr. Panda Town apps, Dr. Panda Town: Pet World brings a new dynamic to our apps with a larger focus on having fun, all the while letting kids explore and adventure through an even bigger Dr. Panda world.”

While the app developer stills regards e-learning and the development of children’s’ cognitive skills, such as storytelling and creativity, as some of its core values, it is combining these elements with the realm of children’s fantasy.

Dr. Panda’s Creative Director, Jim McNiven related, “If we want kids to be creative and storytell through our apps, we’ve really got to try and tap into their minds. What better way to do this than discovering magic spells in a royal castle, or hatching unicorns and dragons in an enchanted café hidden away in the trunk of a tree?”

The brand hopes to reintroduce ideas from classic children’s story books and fairytales, with a modern digital twist. With the release of Dr. Panda Town: Pet World, Dr. Panda’s Town series now consists of four apps, all accessible from the games’ ‘shared map’ feature, letting users bring characters, items and more between each of the apps interchangeably.

The video below is a trailer for the Dr. Panda Town collection:

Price and Availability

Dr. Panda Town: Pet World is free to download as of today on the App Store and Google Play Store with a selection of small one time in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $3.99. It can be purchased as a paid app on the Amazon Appstore for $3.99.

About Dr. Panda

Since the launch of its first title in 2012, Dr. Panda has successfully pioneered as a global leader in the realm of children’s edutainment, developing state-of-the-art applications, toys, and animations.

The brand prides itself on delivering innovative, kid-friendly products used to enhance cognitive development at the early learning stages via a digital perspective.

Proudly boasting over 100 million downloads to date, its open-ended, free play philosophy reflects its popularity among both kids and their parents.

Based out of Shanghai and Chengdu, China, Dr. Panda employs around 70 team members comprised of both local and international talent.

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