5 reasons to adopt an adult cat

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

1) They are more relaxed: Kittens are adorable little balls of fluffy energy. But they also might crawl up your pants leg or climb your living room curtains. Adults cats have been there, done that. Leg climbing is out; napping is in.

2) They need homes too! While kittens get adopted quickly, cats are much harder to find homes for and often get overlooked in shelters. But, adult cats can make great additions to a household.

3) They are each unique: Adult cats have already formed their personalities, so you pretty much know what they like and don’t like early on after adopting them.You might have a cuddly snuggler or a independent Tom who likes the occasional head scritch, but either way, you have a loyal friend.

4) They are less likely to claw or bite: Kittens often claw or bite in the act of play and because they are teething. Just like most people, most cats learn patience with age.

5) Because age is just a name. Every once in awhile your older cat might get a burst of energy and leap from the floor to the coffee table or play with her catnip mouse and you’ll get a sense of the kitten he or she once was while being glad he or she is getting to enjoy a long and happy life!