App and diaper work together to help you housetrain your dog

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A new product is geared toward helping owners with dogs who have accidents in the house.

Dogginz™, the first reusable, app enhanced, pee-sensing diaper system for male dogs and puppies.

According to a press release, as life-long dog owners, the Peece Out team has developed “a revolutionary dog diaper system that prevents indoor marking, while helping to regulate his tendencies, to get your dog from puppy to potty-trained in record time.”

Here’s how it works, according to the press release:

“The Dogginz™ difference starts with the anatomically correct, fully-adjustable, and completely comfortable diaper harness. Every aspect of this unique, innovative, and patent pending product was relentlessly refined and expertly engineered to perfectly fit your male dog’s anatomy. And since it’s made from super-soft human-grade LSR silicone, its reusable, easy to clean, safe and comfortable for him to wear, and doggedly durable.”

There are also disposable, “skin-soft, dry-wicking pee pads,” which absorb dog urine. These should be placed inside the Dogginz™ pee pocket. Dogginz states that the diminutive size of the pads ensures comfort and helps reduce environmental waste compared to competing products.

A built-in “pee sensor” monitors your pet’s potty habits, sending instant notifications and alerts to your phone and assigned caregivers via the Dogginz™ app when pee is detected so that humans can become familiar with their pet’s potty schedule and achieve the consistency needed for successful housebreaking.

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