Puzzle toy is designed to provide fun and stress relief for puppies and dogs

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Interactive puzzle toys have been shown to increase mental stimulation for puppies and dogs, decrease stress and anxiety, and provide boredom relief.

BULLTUG, a dog toy design company, has released an all-new signature puzzle toy, Trash N’ Seek.

Squeaky, crinkly and cuddly all at the same time, this hide-and-seek toy has been designed for dogs of all play styles: the Snugglers, the Tuggers and the Chewers.

The Trash N’ Seek comes with three overstuffed raccoon characters, featuring puncture-resistant squeakers and crinkly tails. The trash bag housing encloses a large round-bottom squeaker and tighter escape holes, making the game more challenging and interesting for your dog.

Once your pup pulls the funny critters out of the bag, stuff them back in to restart the fun. For added excitement, the messy-haired raccoon has a squeaky-spiky ball hidden inside.

BULLTUG, a modern lifestyle company led by dogs and managed by people, has been focusing on designing innovative bundled toys that provide interactive play and are safe for dogs of all sizes. 

Now available on Amazon.

Source: https://www.pressrelease.com/news/introducing-trash-n-seek-150383