New children’s book features Gizmo, a fun-loving surfing dog, and an election theme

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Author Suzanne Kline has teamed up with Dulce Da Costa, LCSW, a family therapist, in launching her fifth children’s book, Gizmo 4 President! .

The book presents Gizmo — a fun-loving, surfing dog — as a presidential candidate with extraordinary messages for children, and supports social and emotional learning by encouraging kids to use their voices to become leaders in their own way.

The book offers an opportunity for parents and educators to discuss the election with their children while also diving into topics like bullying and overcoming challenges.

Gizmo’s presidential platform also reminds children about the importance of coastal conservation. Powered by a desire to clean up the oceans and save his sea buddies, Gizmo invites the reader to become ambassadors for marine life.

“I hope that America’s children will get on board with Gizmo’s leadership campaign, inspiring grown-ups—and maybe even powerful politicians—to be models of change and ambassadors for marine life,” said Kline.

Kline and Da Costa’s inspiration to create Gizmo 4 President! was born out of a mission to empower children to share their innovative ideas about recycling, compassion for sea life and caring about our oceans.

Gizmo 4 President! was released nationwide on President’s Day 2020 and is available in print through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and as a read-along e-book.

Award-winning artist Jim Hunt brings Gizmo and his pals to life on each page of the story with mixed-media cartoon illustrations, along with images of the real Gizmo.

Watch for Gizmo during his canine presidential campaign tour across America. You may spot him wearing his pup tux, featured on major media, appearing in schools and on the campaign trail in his cartoon character-wrapped Jeep Wrangler.

About the Surf’s Up Gizmo Children’s Foundation:

Founded in 2016, the Surf’s Up Gizmo Children’s Foundation is a not-for-profit that donates books featuring surfing Gizmo and his pals to children’s organizations, schools and libraries. The foundation’s mission is to provide underserved children with creative and impactful books, supporting literacy and social-emotional learning initiatives in the schools and community.


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