Me and my cat, Motor, review free apps for cats

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Today, me and my cat, Motor, are reviewing some free apps for cats.

I said in our last video that we were going to review another movie, but this was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, so, I went looking for some of the free apps that are out there for cats. There is actually a bigger variety since I first came up with the idea, and there will probably be more released in the future.

So, what did Motor think of the apps we tried? Find out in our newest video (below).

Apps mentioned in the video:


Games for Cats:

Fish Sim for Cats:

Laser for Cat Simulator:


  1. My Rosie loves video games. I need to get these for her. She has one called Gizzy’s mouse that she loves.

    • It’s so fun to watch them when they play! My other cat, Poussey, likes the fish one. I have a picture of it somewhere that I need to dig out.

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