Surf’s up, dog! Dog Surfing competition available for viewing on Facebook

two dogs on a surfboard in the ocean
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The 5th Anual World Dog Surfing Championships was brought to viewers recently live via TasteTV.

But, don’t feel bad if you missed it. You can view a replay on Facebook by visiting:

The Championships included dog surfers (and humans) located in an assortment of North American locations, and was formatted as a Livestream Hybrid Event.

The 2020 World Dog Surfing Championships were an historic, first-of-its-kind event.

To date no other sports has ever attempted to organize and produce an event that utilizes the video and tech capabilities of Zoom to broadcast a live competition via livestream from multiple locations and multiple teams, according to a press release.

It included both actual dog surfing heats live-streamed directly from various beaches across North America, as well as featured recorded video from 2020 dog surfing.

Real-time viewers and aficionados of the sport watching on Facebook Live numbered in the several thousand, and the amount of fans continues to grow daily as they watch and share the video replay of the event on Facebook.

Because of the unique nature of the World Dog Surfing Championships and the scarcity of any live sports events at this time, enjoyment of the dog surfing event was extremely high, according to the same press release.

surfing dog
Rusty surfs at the World Dog Surfing Championships

The World Championships for Dog Surfing take place on the Northern California coast — where the concept for the dog surfing sport originated.

The Surf Dog Competitions sponsored by TasteTV, were originally created by TCB Cafe Publishing as the “Small Wave Surf Dog Competition” in 2006. The very first Surf Dog competition in history was conceived and proposed by the author of the book, “The Dog’s Guide to Surfing.”

Its success was so great that it has spawned several similar dog surfing events across the world, including many in California, Florida, Australia and the United Kingdom.

TasteTV and TCB Cafe Publishing eventually expanded its original Surf Dog Competition concept to an International surf dog contest series including local surf groups, dog and pet organizations, and fun-loving friends for the title of “World Surf Dog Champion.”

To see more about the World Dog Surfing Championships, the category winners, and the competitors, go to

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