A great way to save money on pet supplies

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We stumbled across Wikibuy when we were surfing the Internet and read that it can be a great way to save money on pet products.

Wikibuy is a Chrome extension that finds coupon codes and discounts while you shop online.

It can be downloaded by going to this address: https://wikibuy.com/

You can then add it to your browser. We added it to our Firefox browser. After that, you fill in some basic information.

After that, whenever you shop through Amazon, BarkBox, PetSmart, Chewy and Petco, as well as a number of other websites, Wikibuy automatically applies  coupon codes or discounts at checkout.

Wikibuy also helps out on Amazon by searching for the best price on an item you’re looking for. We spend a lot of money on pet supplies, but we just today installed Wikibuy. So, we thought we would give it a try.

We did a search for Frontline for dogs, which we have been kind of putting off buying because it’s expensive.

When we clicked on the product, we saw the little Wikibuy search notice come up and then we got this message:

Wikibuy example

As you can see, Wikibuy found a less expensive seller that was offering the same product for $13.04 less.

We couldn’t pass that deal up, and we think the dogs will be happy about that!

Wikibuy isn’t just for pet supplies, by the way. It seems like you can use it to shop for just about any kind of product, including health, automotive and clothes.

Happy shopping! And happy saving! And if you get a great deal on a pet product that you want to share information about, please let us know.


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