A look at why goat milk is so good

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petting goat with grandson

I recently posted about “goat cuddling” and how I tried goat milk from the farm we went to.

At first, it seemed to me that the goat milk tasted like regular milk, but, after I had a cup or two, I started to find myself craving more.

And then, I ran out.

Unfortunately, the farm I bought the milk from was two hours away, so it wasn’t like I could just make a quick trip to buy some more.

So, I tried regular milk. I also tried drinking heavy cream (in small amounts because it is super high in calories). But it just wasn’t the same.

Amazingly, I actually found out that the Walmart near me sells goat milk by the half gallon. So, I picked some up. It wasn’t quite as good as the stuff that came right from the farm, but it was still very delicious. It does taste like regular milk to me, but with a little more creaminess. Calorie-wise, the goat milk from Walmart has 140 calories in a cup.

If you try it, I recommend shaking the carton each time before you drink it, otherwise the heavier stuff in it tends to settle to the bottom.

That got me wondering what it was about goat milk that makes it better (at least, in my opinion) than milk.

Here are a few goat milk facts I found:

  1. Six goats can exist on the same amount of acreage as two cows, so goat milk is more environmentally friendly, according to https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/goat-milk-benefits/
  2. Goat milk contains magnesium, which is heart healthy. https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/health-benefits-of-goat-milk/ relates it helps maintain a “regular heartbeat and prevents the formation of blood clots and increased cholesterol levels.”
  3. Healthfully.com reports that, “Goat’s milk supplies 327 milligrams of calcium per cup. This is more than the calcium in a cup of whole-fat cow’s milk, which has about 276 milligrams per cup.”

If you haven’t had goat milk but want to give a try, which I highly recommend, you can check to see if your Walmart or local grocery stores have it. Or, if you want to find it fresh from the farm, you can try a farmer’s market. Another place to check for those selling goat milk in your state (in U.S.) is https://www.realmilk.com/state-updates/#nd

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