A tiny cat living in a car park inspires a book about cat rescue

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Ceci the cat
Ceci, the cat

Elizabeth Cee knew little about cats when she started to help a group of felines that was living in a college car park.

She was surprised to learn that they have different personalities, complex emotions and learning behaviours, just as humans do. Her inspiration evolved into a desire to help them in whatever way she could, feeding them and trying to rehome them where possible.
She also knew this was a story that needed to be shared.
“Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat” is based on her journey with these felines and, according to a press release, is intended to help educate and increase awareness of the issues faced by the homeless population of cats everywhere.
According to the book description on Amazon.com, when Ceci was born in that car park, the odds were already stacked against her. The runt of the litter, the book follows Ceci’s journey and the lives of other cats — Simba, Micky, Arleen and Dory — as they struggle for survival.
Some of Ceci’s story can be seen in this short video from youtube:
Also according to Amazon.com, “Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat,” Ceci’s story will also introduce readers to the work of the dedicated individuals who are trying to rescue this car park colony and find them forever homes.

“I believe all cats can be both socialized to some extent and rescued, but it takes time to find someone with the compassion, tolerance, and patience necessary to gain their trust,” Cee said in the press release. “Once the cats trust someone, they will become affectionate and loving, like other house cats.”

Cee continues to feed and monitor the health of street cats, along with working on socializing them, and finding people to foster or adopt them. She hopes Ceci’s story will inspire more people to help and get involved.

“Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat” (ASIN: B08GY5FVH8, PublishMyBook.Online 2020) is available for on Amazon, Kobo, AbeBooks, and the Book Depository. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/LonelyCollegeCats.LizaCee/.


    • When she played with the toy mouse in the video, my eyes watered. I wish all cats could find loving homes.

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