A treat your chickens might like; or not

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So, my fiance saw some videos on the internet with hanging cabbage heads that chickens were going crazy over.

Like this one:

So, he decided to try it out for both our small flock of three silkie chickens and our small flock of three larger chickens.

You can see how it looks hanging from the top and the bottom in the pictures directly below.

Cabbage hanging in chicken coop
This is the cabbage head that was hanging in the Silkie’s pen. You can see some cabbage shredded on the ground. I put that there to try and get their attention when they didn’t show any interest in the hanging cabbage.
hook used to hang cabbage
This is the top where the cabbage was hung by a hook and some string.

Sadly, none of our chickens showed much interest in the cabbage. The Silkies pecked a  bit at pieces of cabbage on the ground. The bigger chickens pretty much completely ignored everything all together.

Maybe we should have tried lettuce? Either way, it was a pretty inexpensive experiment, since we had the string and hooks at home and cabbage is fairly cheap.

It’s pretty easy to make the hanging cabbage ball if you want to try it out. And, if you do, hopefully you have better luck than we did. Here’s one of the videos on youtube showing how to do it:







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