Alternative to air travel provides relief to pet owners

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TUCSON, Arizona (PRNewswire) — Happy Tails Travel has developed an alternative to air travel for relocating pets within the contiguous U.S. by ground through a program called, “By Ground Safe and Sound.”

This service offers door-to-door transportation for pets in a private vehicle by one of the company’s highly screened, pet-friendly drivers to ensure a happy journey to each pet’s new home.

Transportation includes communication throughout the day, comfort stops, and dogs have the option of riding in their crate or with a seatbelt and harness/loose. Cats must be sent in a kennel for their journey.

Click her for some reviews of the service.

Happy Tails Travel believes in airline travel, as they have worked one on one with the airlines’ pet safe programs to offer a 100 percent success rate for pet shipping for 23 years. However, their ground service provides an alternative to those who worry about pet safety or comfort on an airplane, as well as those who may not be able to relocate a pet via air travel due to size or breed restrictions.

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