Answers to four commonly asked questions about dogs

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1. Why do dogs eat grass?

Eating grass, as well as plants and dirt, might help improve digestion, help treat intestinal worms, or even provide some dietary fiber, according to

Another possible reason, according to Boredom. So, if your pup’s chewing on grass is bugging you, you might want to interrupt him or her for a game of fetch.

2. Why is my dog licking/chewing his feet?

Allergic skin problems are the number one reason for this behavior,according to Some dogs lick in response to a simple irritation. For some, there might be a more serious wound/injury. Consulting a vet is always a good idea if you notice a lot of paw licking/chewing.

3. Why Does My dog lick me?

According to, dogs lick us because we taste salty, which they like. They also lick us out of simple affection. Finally, it feels good. When dogs lick, it releases endorphins, giving them a sense of pleasure and comfort. But, if you want to be a killjoy, you can train your dog not to lick you; simply walk away each time he/she does. This will teach your pet to associate licking you with you leaving (again, according to Animal Planet).

4. Why do dogs have tails? relates that the vast majority of vertebrates have tails and that they can serve a variety of purposes, such as defense or helping to propel an animal in the water. In the dog world, a canine’s tail has the main purpose of communication. Interestingly, notes that,as different breeds of dogs were created, “their tails began to reflect the demands of the jobs the individual breeds were expected to perform.”