Bandana Bowl is a fun and super easy way to keep pet hydrated on walks

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If you’ve ever been on a walk or at the dog park when your dog suddenly gets thirsty but you have no bowl for water, you know how rotten you can feel about being unprepared.

That’s why we were really intrigued by a product we just learned about.

It’s called Bandana Bowl.™

It’s a bandana that your dog can wear, but, since it’s made with waterproof material on the inside and water absorbent material on the outside, it can also can be used a bowl. Seems like a great way to make sure our canines are ready since all they have to do is wear the bandanas, and all we have to do is remember to bring some bottled water along.

And the Bandana Bowl has a third purpose too…On extra hot days, you can also dip Bandana Bowl™ into water and fill it up with ice before leaving the house, and use it as a cooling collar.

The bandana comes in two colors: Blue and red. It’s available in two sizes: Small (dogs up to 25 pounds), retailing for $8.95, and Medium (dogs up to 60 pounds), retailing for $10.95.

Bandana Bowl™ is offered through Pet Products Innovations (PPI), the manufacturer and U.S. distributor of innovative pet products, and has been announced a finalist for the 2019 Pet Product News Editors’ Choice Awards.

To learn more about Bandana Bowl™, check out this video:


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