Ben & Jerry’s ‘unleashing’ frozen dog dessert

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Great Pyrenees
Boone is a Great Pyrenees who lives with Sarah, a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru. He was an unofficial taste tester for both flavors.

The talk of the internet when it comes to pet news today seems to be that Ben & Jerry’s has a new line of frozen treats for dogs.

Will dogs love it as much as we love getting a spoonful of cookie dough in our own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? For that matter, will dogs get their own cookie dough flavor? We don’t know yet.

Here’s what we do know, based on a press release from the company:

•For the first time in the ice cream company’s history, Ben & Jerry’s is unveiling two new flavors designed exclusively for canines.

•Doggie Desserts by Ben & Jerry’s are tasty frozen treats that are specifically formulated for dogs with a sunflower butter base.

•The flavors include peanut butter & pretzel swirls in “Pontch’s Mix” and cool creaminess of pumpkin and mini cookies in “Rosie’s Batch.”

“Pontch’s Mix” and “Rosie’s Batch” were named after two real dogs in the Ben & Jerry’s office—an affectionate Frenchie and a rescue mutt of mixed heritage.

•As a dog-friendly workplace, the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont often has up to 40 pups curled up under desks, keeping employees company.

•In addition to the two new Doggie Desserts, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with like-minded suppliers to offer pet accessories like a 6’ custom tie dye leash made from recycled water bottles and a plush cone toy stuffed with recycled fill. Limited quantities are available at

•Doggie Desserts will be sold individually in 4-oz mini cups or in 4-count multipacks, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 and $4.99. They will be found in supermarkets, mass retailers, and select pet stores nationwide.

To learn more, visit and/or follow @BenandJerrysDogs on Instagram.


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