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Every once in awhile, I will think of something kind of “out there,” product-wise for pets and do a search to see if it exists.

For example, I searched pet wine.  And, yes, you can buy wine for your cat. It’s actually, made “with Filtered water, organic catnip, salmon oil and organic food coloring.” It’s available at:

Anyway, today, for some reason I decided to search for books for dogs. And, as it turns out, although there is a limited market for literature that is meant to be consumed (that’s read, not eaten) by canines, there are some options.

One is “Bedtime Stories for Dogs,” which is available on Amazon for $8.71 (paperback edition).

Bedtime Stories for Dogs cover.

This bedtime story compilation by Leigh Anne Jasheway includes, among other tales, (no pun intended) “Snow White and the Seven Chihuahuas.”

Next up is, “Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog,” by Sara Swan Miller, who also penned “Three More Stories You Can Read to Your Dog,” as well as “Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat.”

Which begs (again, no pun intended) the question, “Do dogs need books?”

I did my own experiment with my dogs, Caramel and Scooby. I didn’t have a book, so I just made up a short story to tell them. Caramel immediately wondered away. I believe her thought process was something like, “no food? see ya?” or maybe it was more like, “dope de dope de doh.” (I don’t really think Caramel is a deep thinking kind of dog, although I could be wrong.)

On the other hand, Scooby, who is some sort of large hound mix and that’s about all the breed information I have been able to determine for him, was immediately intrigued.


He moved up close to me as soon as I started to tell the story and seemed happy listening to the sound of my voice, not to mention my attention, directed completely toward him. I could really see him enjoying a book.


Apparently, other dogs feel the same way. I found this video of Bruce Littlefield, who wrote “The Bedtime Book for Dogs,” reading to a contented pup:


And, while I couldn’t really find any more titles of books written directly for dogs, I guess the takeaway is that, if your dog enjoys the activity, you can probably spend some time on a regular basis reading just about anything to them as a bonding experience.

Oh, and if you have a cat too, don’t forget to invite them to join in. If they look less than enthused, you may want to try bribing them with a glass of kitty wine.


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