Bow Wow Dog Houses announces housing options for pet tortoises

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Los Angeles-based Bow Wow Dog Houses has announced that dog houses are not just for canines with the addition of their Tortoise House.

Tortoises need to burrow in a dark cool place, aside from their own shells. With the addition of the Tortoise House, Bow Wow Dog Houses’ provides an attractive option for families with tortoises who are looking to spruce up their backyard.

Customers can work directly with Bow Wow Dog Houses to create a Tortoise House that fits the needs for their pet. Depending on the tortoise’s temperature preferences, an extra window can be added to create a cross-breeze or an exhaust fan can be included for extra ventilation.

The Tortoise House comes with a ramp to make it easy for the reptile to stroll up to his burrowing spot.

The Tortoise House was built on the platform of Bow Wow’s large dog house with outside measurements of 40” x 40”. The addition of 4-inch legs to the home raises it off the ground. The primary entrance, that includes the ramp, was expanded to a 20-inch width.

There is an insulation option for the floor, walls and roof, which would assist in keeping the temperature moderate and serve as a barrier for controlling heat.

A heater was also added, the same used for Bow Wow’s dog houses.

There is a full size side swinging door for additional access with an option to upgrade to a double door or French doors for the front opening.

“We enjoy working with our customers to design and build the ideal home for their pet,” said Larry Hobbs, President and CEO of Bow Wow Dog Houses. “Customers are often amazed by how much creative input they can have in designing the perfect house for their dog or cat and, now, their tortoise.”

Bow Wow Dog Houses is a product line of parent company Brent-Wood Products, a family-owned and operated company with three generations of woodworking and design experience established in 1963.

Fully constructed in the U.S.A., Bow Wow Dog Houses utilizes premium materials made only from environmentally conscious resources. Bow Wow’s Standard Dog Houses are designed with three components – base, home and roof from eco-friendly wood products. From there, clients have the option to select from a variety of material, stain and paint colors, and numerous design features, some of which can be seen in the video below:


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Source: EINPressWire press release/BowWowDogHouses

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