Bring your pet anywhere you go; well, their likeness anyway

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Known for hand painted floral designs, Italian brand Zacchissimi has created a new custom collection that can be fully customized with hand paintings of customers’ pets .

“We are not just printing photos of the customer’s pets we are actually painting them and applying them to our products,” said Paula Pozza, founder and Creative Director of the company.

Pieces include casual shoes and espadrilles, phone covers, pillows, luggage covers, tote bags, socks and backpacks, so, even if you can’t bring your actual pet somewhere, you can still have the comfort of their fuzzy face on one or more items.

The process:

  1. Send a photo of your furry friend
  2. Zacchissimi will paint your photo and apply it to the product of your choice as shown in the video below:


We at Wow my pet did That are really in love with this collection! I mean, you had us at florals and dogs. And, even though we were thinking Italy and custom probably means super pricey, we were actually very pleased with the prices when we when to the Zacchissimi website. For example, the hand painted “pet and pink florals” backpack is only $70, and the hand painted “pet and pink florals” cell phone is about $38.

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