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(PRWeb)—Urban Dog Solutions, a San Diego-based subscription service for pet owners seeking a real grass alternative for their dogs, is setting out to serve metropolitan residents in every major city with their nationwide shipping initiative starting Wednesday, May 22.

For one monthly price, customers receive a new grass pee patch delivered directly to their door each week, bringing the benefits of a backyard straight to any high-rise, apartment, condo, restaurant, office and select hotels.

Extra large pee patch
Extra large pee patch

“Dogs naturally want to go on real grass,” explains Urban Dog Solutions founder Tricia Crespin, “I was looking for a natural way for my dog to use the bathroom in an unnatural environment.”

Thus, Urban Dog Solutions was born. Engineered to handle every dog’s business, Urban Dog Solution’s fresh grass potty patches absorb liquid and control odors discretely and effectively.

Made with paws both small and large in mind, Urban Dog Solutions offers different size patches to accommodate city-living pups.

In conjunction with Urban Dog Solutions nationwide shipping announcement, the brand is pleased to share their upcoming partnership with The Vanderpump Dog Foundation — a dog rescue organization working on creating a better world for canines globally.

Urban Dog Solutions’ monthly subscription begin at $130 USD per month for a weekly grass patch delivery and is available at

In select markets, a subscription includes weekly setup and clean up.

Urban Dog Solutions was founded in 2016 in San Diego, California by Tricia Crespin and is currently servicing high rises in Downtown San Diego, and provides services from Coronado Island to Los Angeles.

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