Capture pet’s heartbeat, purr, meow or bark with new Heartbeat stuffed animal

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(PRWEB) — My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, manufacturer of a popular line of stuffed animals with a recordable heart designed to capture expectant parents’ baby’s heartbeat in utero, has made the leap into the pet market.

The new line is aptly named My Furbaby’s Heartbeat Bear, and each stuffed dog and cat comes with a 20-second recordable device to capture a pet’s heartbeat, purr, meow or bark.

Utilizing the product’s app ensures the recording will be stored in the cloud permanently.

Each animal retails at $39.99 and breeds range from Labradors to Huskies. Black and orange kittens are also available.

For those who would rather have a picture of their furry friend, recordable frames are also available for purchase at $26.99.

Heartbeat frame

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, founded in 2011 by Purusha Rivera, helps capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments. The high-quality, plush stuffed animals come with a 20-second recorder that will store a heartbeat even through battery changes. For more information on available products or becoming a wholesaler, visit or phone (302) 918-7663.

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