‘Cat furniture for cat lovers’ is goal of kickstarter campaign

The Loveseat and its creators
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The idea of cat exercise wheels seem to be gaining in popularity—with more cat owners interested in giving them a whirl (sorry, I can’t guarantee there won’t be anymore puns in this article).

Not too long ago, I wrote about a different cat exercise wheel, but came across one with a new spin (I warned you) — it’s got an attached armchair, not for kitty to rest on, but for human to be nearby during their feline’s playtime.

This short video explains why this chair/wheel combo was created and shows it in use by kitty and human.

Catham.City is making its debut on Kickstarter on April 20 with with this new product, The Loveseat, which has two wheel sizes to choose from, accommodating pets up to 25 pounds.

“The biggest benefit of the Loveseat is the healthy time you will spend together with your cat. Your fur-baby will be encouraged to use the wheel often, because you are nearby,” co-founder Beth Horneman said in a press release.

The Loveseat can be ordered on Kickstarter, with production expected to begin in June after the fundraising campaign is successful. Those interested can follow the project on Facebook @catham.citysocial.


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