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silkie chickens

Thinking of getting a chicken? Or, already a chicken owner? Here are some tips for a healthy, happy flock

Go slow when changing from medicated to non medicated feed. If you start your chicks

How to make a swing for a chicken

We have seen chicken swings for sale for $30 and up on online pet stores

Tip for cleaning algae out of pet’s water bowl

We are constantly fighting the fight to keep the algae from growing on the insides

Survey shows having a pet can help lead to success

A survey conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital® discovered a correlation between pets and professional achievements:

Egg droppin’ chicken plush toy

We found this chicken toy at Tractor Supply in Greenville, North Carolina and had to

kitty cat in Christmas tree

Wow my pet did THAT! giveaway photo contest

For the end of September and the month of October, enter your photos of your