Daily journal asks dog lovers to stop and appreciate the small and fuzzy things in life

 Paws for the Good Stuff by Carlyn Montes De Oca
Paws for the Good Stuff by Carlyn Montes De Oca

SANTA FE, New Mexico (PRNewswire) — Most people say they wish they had more time to take better care of themselves and to feel less stress. At least that’s what acupuncturist and wellness practitioner Carlyn Montes De Oca discovered when she asked her patients to name their biggest challenges.

With that information in mind, Montes De Oca created a gratitude journal for dog lovers to bring the qualities dogs embody most—playfulness, loyalty, grace, gratitude, courage, enthusiasm and unconditional love—to the forefront of their human’s lives. Continue reading “Daily journal asks dog lovers to stop and appreciate the small and fuzzy things in life”

Product review: TevraPet FirstAct Plus for dogs

We recently wrote about our misguided attempt to try Diatomaceous Earth and vinegar for flea control. After that we gave up and decided to order Frontline. But at over $36.49 for 3 treatments (which is one month of treatment for our three bigger dogs), we were a bit hesitant about spending another $34.99 for a 3-month supply of Frontline for dogs 5 to 22 pounds for our smaller dogs. It’s not that they’re not worth the money, we just wanted to see if there was anything maybe a tad bit less expensive.

That’s when we found FirstAct Plus on Amazon.com. It was only $14.99 for three treatments and said it contained the same ingredients as Frontline.

We decided to give it a try.

It may be somewhat hard to tell from the first picture, but both the FirstAct and the Frontline labels show the products ingredients as 9.8% Fipronil and 8.8% (S)-Methoprene. And both show “Other ingredients” at 81.4 %. We don’t know what the “other ingredients” are. Nor do we know why FirstAct is so much less expensive.

TevraPet FirstAct Plus box

But, we are happy to say that the FirstAct cleared up the fleas on our two smaller dogs pretty quickly. We applied it to them the same day we applied the Frontline to our bigger dogs and the fleas were pretty much gone from all of them within 24 hours.

Below is Terra. Before the FirstAct, she was miserable no matter how many flea baths we gave her. Her chest and belly were hopping with the horrible little biting buggers. Now, her skin is nice and clear.


Terra's belly


Plus, we have more money for dog treats in our biscuits, so it’s a win win!

Making a chicken feeder from a recycled soda bottle

Soda Bottle Birdfeeder

We found this Soda Bottle Feeder for $3.50 at the Gift Shop at River Park North in Greenville, North Carolina, although we noticed you can also find it on Amazon.com for $5.99 and similar items for what we paid and upward.

Although it looked like it was for regular birds, we thought maybe it would work for our chickens, who are in the market for new bird feeders, so we decided to try it out. After all, the price was right.

To assemble:

We washed out an empty soda bottle and then waited to make sure it was all dry inside so they chicken feed wouldn’t clump and go bad. Continue reading “Making a chicken feeder from a recycled soda bottle”

A very special dog biscuit!

The company was conceived and developed by The Arc of Greensboro, Inc. to provide vocational training and post-high school options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We were super excited to get our order of arcBarks Peanut Butter Barkers dog biscuits in the mail today!

We are from North Carolina and had found out that there is a dog treat company — arcBarks — not too far from us. They are located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

And they have a great story. The company was conceived and developed by The Arc of Greensboro, Inc., an organization of and for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

arcBarks screenshot Continue reading “A very special dog biscuit!”