Coolest products for pets

Sure_Petcare Animo on dog collar

Sure Petcare’s state-of-the-art activity and behavior monitor for dogs learns and reports the unique activity and behavior patterns of your pet

June 3, 2019

(Businesswire.com)—Pet product specialist Sure Petcare has launched Animo, the lifelong activity and behavior monitor, which learns and accurately interprets the unique behavior and activity patterns of a dog. Animo delivers insights into a dog’s activity and sleep, as well problem behaviors such as shaking, scratching and barking, helping owners to understand the changing needs of […]

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dog in raincoat

What is the stylish pup wearing on rainy days?

March 12, 2019

We love Meadow (a family member’s dog in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York) wearing this adorable raincoat. As you can see, rainy days are no longer a drag for this adorable pup, as it keeps her nice and dry. And the cost is remarkably low. About $10! For order information, go to: https://www.chewy.com/ethical-pet-fashion-rainy-days/dp/56358

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Product Review: Pretty Litter

February 26, 2019

    As we mentioned in a previous post, we recently got our first bag of Pretty Litter in the mail. Our cat, Jingles, has been using it for a few days, so we decided to do a review. In the interest of disclosure, we should mention that we are an affiliate for Pretty Kitty, […]

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Meadow wearing scarf

Sustainable dog treats

February 13, 2019

We first found out about Piggyback Treats at a vendor booth in an outdoor Philadelphia market during a vacation when family members bought a scarf for their dog, Meadow, along with some treats (including a large bone that helped keep Meadow happy in the hotel room). Meadow got a lot of compliments on her scarf while […]

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Daily journal asks dog lovers to stop and appreciate the small and fuzzy things in life

October 25, 2018

SANTA FE, New Mexico (PRNewswire) — Most people say they wish they had more time to take better care of themselves and to feel less stress. At least that’s what acupuncturist and wellness practitioner Carlyn Montes De Oca discovered when she asked her patients to name their biggest challenges. With that information in mind, Montes […]

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Product review: TevraPet FirstAct Plus for dogs

October 21, 2018

We recently wrote about our misguided attempt to try Diatomaceous Earth and vinegar for flea control. After that we gave up and decided to order Frontline. But at over $36.49 for 3 treatments (which is one month of treatment for our three bigger dogs), we were a bit hesitant about spending another $34.99 for a […]

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rooster and hen with feeder

Making a chicken feeder from a recycled soda bottle

October 8, 2018

We found this Soda Bottle Feeder for $3.50 at the Gift Shop at River Park North in Greenville, North Carolina, although we noticed you can also find it on Amazon.com for $5.99 and similar items for what we paid and upward. Although it looked like it was for regular birds, we thought maybe it would […]

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Maggy with dog biscuit

A very special dog biscuit!

October 4, 2018

The company was conceived and developed by The Arc of Greensboro, Inc. to provide vocational training and post-high school options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We were super excited to get our order of arcBarks Peanut Butter Barkers dog biscuits in the mail today! We are from North Carolina and had found out […]

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What to feed your pet mouse or rat

September 13, 2018

A reader of our site, C. Walters of Long Island, New York, recommended we write about Volkman Mouse and Rat food and the supplier they purchase it from, Little Family Members on Amazon. Tired of standing in line at one of the big chain pet stores to buy food for her son’s pet mouse, Mrs. […]

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chickens with toy ball

Chicken toy review

September 4, 2018

We just got our new Ware Manufacturing Peck N Play Chicken Ball Toy, which someone recommended to us on a chicken group we belong to. The size is 4.5″ by 4.5″ by .45″. It’s described as a good toy for helping prevent chicken boredom. There are holes in the top and bottom that you can […]

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The best way to get pets to take their pills.

August 26, 2018

If you’ve had to give your pet any kind of medication, you know that it can be traumatic for human and pet. We have tried hiding pills in peanut butter, balled up bread and cheese. While cheese slices work the best with dogs, there have still been times when our dogs have sussed out the […]

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