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How to make a swing for a chicken

November 30, 2018

We have seen chicken swings for sale for $30 and up on online pet stores and ebay. We love our chickens, but that seemed a bit pricey. So we made our own. Given that we already had everything we needed except the rope, it ended up costing us about $4. And that leaves us enough […]

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How to make a fancy dog collar for under $10 and in about 20 minutes

November 17, 2018

First off, here’s Scooby modeling the collar we made. Here’s how we did it: We bought a large collar at Dollar General for around $4. The collar is an adjustable-type collar. Just plain black, but the color didn’t really matter because we knew we were going to be covering it up with ribbon and decorations. […]

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Dog treat gift bottles: make homemade dog treats and recycle bottles into beautiful gifts!

October 16, 2018

This post started with us wondering what to do with the massive amount of Starbucks Frappuccino bottles we have collected. They are very nice bottles, so we don’t really want to throw them out, but they’ve been sitting on our shelves for awhile and we feel guilty whenever we get a new one. So, we […]

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rooster and hen with feeder

Making a chicken feeder from a recycled soda bottle

October 8, 2018

We found this Soda Bottle Feeder for $3.50 at the Gift Shop at River Park North in Greenville, North Carolina, although we noticed you can also find it on Amazon.com for $5.99 and similar items for what we paid and upward. Although it looked like it was for regular birds, we thought maybe it would […]

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cat in front of computer screen

Yet more stuff you can do with your pet photos

September 24, 2018

In our earlier post, we talked about how it’s a good idea to get all your pet photos together in one place, such as Flickr. Once you’ve done that, you’ll probably notice that you have some particular favorite photos of your pet. You might also have some of your pet misbehaving or acting silly or […]

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Copy of Romantic Collage Template - Made with PosterMyWall

More stuff you can do with your pet photos

September 22, 2018

Previously we posted about uploading your pet photos to Flickr. You can also try an online photo collage maker, such as Postermywall. At Postermywall, you can select from tons of different templates (for ours shown below, we chose a “romantic” style template because it had the option put in a number of photos whereas some […]

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peacocks perching at night photo on Flickr

What can you do with your pet photos?

September 22, 2018

You have twenty or so recent pics of your kitty or pup on your cellphone and you whip it out to show them off to your friend. You may or may not notice your friend’s eyes’ glazing over after the third or fourth photo, but they likely are. No matter how cute our pets are, […]

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cat toy made from chicken feathers

What can you do with chicken feathers?

September 1, 2018

Someone in a backyard chicken group we below to on social media posed the question, “What does everyone do with their chicken feathers?” We definitely took an interest since we have baskets, tins cans, and a few vases with loose feathers we’ve picked up over time and have been planning to put to use. Below […]

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Like to sketch your cat? Here’s a fun link to try

August 28, 2018

Edges2cats created by Christopher Hesse converts quick sketches of your cats into pictures. As Hesse notes on the website, some of the creations come out a little “creepy,” since they eyes don’t always come out right and the auto edges don’t always auto detect correctly, but it turns out that’s part of the funny. Here’s […]

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peacock artwork

Creating a free pet portrait online

August 24, 2018

Commissioning an artist to paint your beloved pet can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars — more than the average pet owner might be able to pay. There are some great artists out there who will create your pet’s picture in a variety of styles for much less though. Check out deviantart.com as one […]

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