More free pet apps you have to try!

We previously brought you Five Great Free Pet Apps that You Have to Try!

Since then, we have been on the lookout for more apps that are free (at least to start with) and that offer an interesting or helpful user experience.

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Adopt a virtual pet and watch it grow for free

You can adopt a virtual pet at Chicken Smoothie!

The pets, include hamsters, cats, dogs and more, and they grow over the month or faster. You can also adopt a new pet each month, and trade them with others.

You can create a user account or sign in as a guest.
We created a user account, which involved creating a username, password, a few other steps and verifying an email.


We adopted this cute fox.

Pet's name: Foxy
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Free download of Disc Dogs Rock! a digital book for dog lovers

cover of Disc Dogs Rock downloadable book

Description: “Hyperflite, maker of state-of-the-art flying discs for dogs, announces the availability of a free digital book for dog lovers. Whether you call them disc dogs, disc canines, or Frisbee dogs, this full-color publication, entitled Disc Dogs Rock!, has everything you need to get started in the coolest canine sport on planet earth. Disc Dogs Rock! features 40 pages of tips, training methods, illustrations, and photographs courtesy of the foremost authorities on disc dog sports — World Champions Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry.”

We downloaded this book and love it. It’s chock full of step-by-step instructions, great photos and all kinds of information about flying discs for dogs.

You can download it from

And, it’s available in seven languages: English, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

According to the About Page, “Skyhoundz stages the largest disc dog competition series in the World. Sponsored by Hyperflite Flying Discs, the Skyhoundz Series features more than 100 disc dog competitions held throughout the world.”

Whether your dog is an amateur disc catcher or a pro, the Skyhoundz site in general is fun to check out.

Free Texas Mills Dog Food sample

You can request a free sample of Texas Mills dog food at the following link. Just need to enter your name, email address, shipping address and dog’s name.

We know you don’t like wasting time with those “free stuff” sites that make you fill in a lot of information and give back very little in return, or clicking on links for free things that turn out to have expired or actually require payment or a whole lot of jumping through hoops. That’s why we only post links we have tried ourselves and had success with. If you try a link on our site and find out they have run out of freebies or the free trial has expired, please let us know.