Cute cat shirt: Review of Romwe Women’s Short Sleeve Cat Tee

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I placed an order a couple of days ago for this Romwe Women’s Short Sleeve Tie Front Knot Casual Loose Fit T-Shirt in Black with a cat print and it came today.

In addition to the quick delivery, I’m happy with the shirt itself, which I got compliments on already after wearing it to do some quick errands this evening.

The shirt itself is well-made, with the black being a nice, rich black and the white cat design on it contrasting nicely.

The shirt also has bell sleeves and, as described in its product name, it has a front knot, both of which make it a little more fun to wear than a regular t-shirt. I think it could be paired with a lot of different options inasmuch as pants and possibly skirts.

I ordered the shirt from Amazon at the following link:

All in all, I think it’s a great shirt for cat lovers — as a treat for one’s self or as a gift for someone else. And, the shirt also comes in a wide variety of other colors without the cat design, so, if you like the design, you can order it in different versions, which is what I plan to do. Below are some examples:


Great holiday gift ideas for animal lovers; and they all benefit organizations that help people or animals!

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The holidays are a time for giving. So we compiled a list of gifts for pet and animal lovers that not only give to the recipient but also give back to some very worthy causes.

1) UNICEF has a beautiful collection of animal themed cards and gifts (including jewelry, home decor, and accessories).

One of our favorites this year is this Standing Wood ‘Curious Cat’ Figurine from Bali. According to the UNICEF website, this purchase can provide 192 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which can help children combat dehydration and diarrhea. 


2) Know someone with a sweet tooth? Surprise and delight them with Farm Sanctuary’s Vegan Gluten Free Macaroons or another sweet treat from the Sweet Shoppe at the Farm Sanctuary.

Or, for $35, you can symbolically adopt a turkey and have a certificate sent to the same or a different gift recipient — also courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.


3) The 2021 version of the Australian Firefighters Calendar:

Calendar cover

There are various editions of this calendar, including firefighters with cats, firefighters with dogs.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar supports various nonprofits, including:

•Healing Hooves, which helps children suffering from Autism and Asperger’s, returning veterans suffering from PTSD, and older people with dementia and Alzheimer’s;

•and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, which has been caring for injured native Australian animals for over 70 years;

Since 1993, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised more than $3 million for various charities.

To learn more and see the covers of the 2020 calendars, (and, come on, you know you want to!) visit


4)K9 Sport Sack.

What’s the stylish dog lover wearing this season?

Their dog!

That is, if they get a K9 Sport Sack.

K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack makes a variety of sizes and styles of backpacks for carrying one’s best friend.

So, if you know someone who loves to bring their dog everywhere, you might have just found the perfect gift.

And a portion of every order is donated to animal rescues and shelters all across the world.

You can also follow the K9 Sport Sack team on instagram (@k9sportsack) and facebook.
Get your K9 Sport Sack Today!


5) Symbolically adopt a monkey.

We definitely don’t believe that monkeys should be pets. See why at:

But, monkey lovers and kids of all ages can still enjoy monkeys and help real ones with the symbolic adoption of a monkey from Born Free USA.

Through Born Free USA’s website, you choose a monkey from the Born Free Primate Sanctuary to symbolically adopt for yourself or as a gift for $52 for a year. This includes an adoption package, a photo of the monkey you are sponsoring along with his or her biography, a certificate of adoption, and a plush toy.

One of the monkeys at Born Free USA

One of the monkeys at Born Free USA.

According to their website, Born Free USA houses a 175-acre sanctuary, located in south Texas, which provides a safe, permanent home to 475 monkeys, many rescued from abuse in roadside zoos or as pets in private homes or retired from research.

6) I’d Rather Be With My Dog sherpa.

Help someone you love stay warm and comfy this winter with a fleece sherpa from I’d Rather Be With My Dog for $89.99.

Grey and black sherpa

“All things considered, I would rather be with my dog,” is a popular Internet meme and sentiment which rings true for many (we find ourselves thinking it multiple times a day). And, is also gaining ground in Internet popularity by providing clothing and other items with the popular logo.

You also have the option of adding on a “I’d rather be with my human” doggie bandana and magnet for $5 when buying the sherpa.

Every month, the clothing/dog bed company donates 5 to 10% of sales to a different cause or rescue.

7) Floating Birthstone Purse Locket or Key Ring for dog and cat lovers.

pet lover key ring

With this unique, personalized key ring, you can add up to eight floating paw birthstone dog/cat charms.

Paw print birthstone charms are sold separately in the Paw Print Birthstone Charm collection. They key ring is $14.95. Charms are 1.99 each.

Every product ordered from PawZaar results in a donation to help sponsor a shelter pet, and every PawZaar order ships with a photo of a shelter dog or cat whose care has been sponsored by the PawZaar community.

And, when you’re done shopping for the humans in your life, check out our list of great gifts for your pets; we have a list for every kind of pet from dogs to horses, and from turtles to rabbits.

Happy holidays!

Animal lover creates platform for buying and selling dog-inspired art and crafts

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black lab wall hanging

Black Lab Wood Dog Wall Art $79 from Giddyup Pups on is an  online retail marketplace that connects artists and makers of dog-inspired crafts with consumers looking to purchase unique, breed-specific merchandise.

“BarkYours is a platform for artists and makers that are so inspired by their dogs, they’re creating clothing, crafts and art in honor of them,” says Corey Abramowitz, Founder of “The year has been extremely challenging for most Americans, but it is my hope that our customers can find joy and happiness thanks to the fun and vibrant products we have available at!”

The site includes categories of:

•dog-themed gifts,




•home and living items,

•greeting cards and stationary,

•arts and collectibles,

•designs for dogs.

The site has: mugs, pillows, magnets, signs, wine stoppers, bandannas, ties, collars, tags and more.

BarkYours also lets customers find breed-specific merchandise from its online retail marketplace while giving independent artists the opportunity to market their products free of charge.

Corey Abramowitz is the Founder of As a dedicated dog lover and owner, he recognized there was a large community of independent artists who also love their dogs and who create dog-related products. Bringing together collections of original, dog-inspired merchandise and gifts that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit was the inspiration for BarkYours.

For more, visit:

Or, Connect Socially:


Featured photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Five great gifts for the cat lover in your life

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Do you have a cat lover in your life with a birthday or other special occasion coming up? We went exploring for cute and special cat-related items at Walmart and at least one of the following gifts might just fit the bill.

1. The ancient Egyptians were fascinated with cats. This Sandstone Bastet Cat Jewelry/Trinket box will probably be appreciated by anyone who loves cats in modern times. Additionally, it’s a great place for the recipient to store jewelry and other treasures. 

As a little sidenote: According to,Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth and she protected the home from evil spirits and disease.”

The box is about 5 inches tall and made from cold cast resin. Price: $26.28.

For more info or to order the Sandstone Bastet Cat Jewelry/Trinket box, click here.

2. The title of this book, “Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude,” pretty much says it all and we expect that the Zarathustra, the ginger kitty who superimposed onto some of the greatest artworks of all time, will make the recipient of this book smile. Price: $13.93

For how to buy Fat Cat Art, click here.

3. If you know someone who is heading back to work or school, help them do it in style with this Musical Note Cat Print Pattern Long Scarf. We love the pattern and the price, which is $10.26.


For info on how to buy this cat scarf, click here.

4. For the person who can’t get enough of cats, even when sleeping, this mid-century modern style cat patterned bedspread set might be the cat’s pajamas. (OK, we’re sorry, but we have to do a pun every once in awhile.) Prices vary depending on size, but the King set is $89.99.


For how to purchase the cat bedspread set, click here.

5. The cat enthusiastic might need a good place to put all their cat-related books. If that’s the case, they might love these cute cat bookends. They are by Danya B. and come in a bright gift box. The price is $34.29.


To buy the cat bookends, click here.

Wow, our cats really DO love us! A review of ‘You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…’

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I recently got a copy of “You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…The Sweet, Silly, and Scientific Ways our Cats Show Us How Much They Love Us.”book cover

The premise of the book is that, in spite of some scientists claiming that cats simply befriend us because it helps them get food and shelter, cats really do love us as shown in 49 illustrated pages.

The book is written by Jeff Parks, a freelance writer and editor, and Nina Brissey, who acts, directs, writes, and more. Not surprisingly, the book is dedicated to their cats, whom they credit with inspiring the project.

Interestingly, Parks didn’t become a cat person until he was in his 30s, according to Community Cats Podcast. According to the same source, at the same time, he became intrigued by the ways cats show their affection:

“Finding mostly scientific answers, he began using his comedy background to come up with funny ways cats show their love that wouldn’t be found in any official studies. Soon, he decided to pursue the idea as an illustrated book and began working with a co-writer and illustrator,” states the site, which also notes that Parks wanted to look beyond the typical stereotypes of cats being aloof when writing the book.

I was hooked after the very first reason, which is shown below, and made me laugh out loud since I have had cats all my life and pretty much none of them have ever been able to handle the idea of a closed door, no matter what the reason:

illustration from "You kow your cat loves you because..."Here’s another one of my favorite reasons, with which I can also strongly identify, having picked my fair share of shredded toilet paper up off the bathroom floor.

cat clawing toilet paper illustration

As you can see, the illustrations, depicting humorous ways cats show their affection for humans, are full of clever details from Mark Sean Wilson, an award winning contributor to The New Yorker.

There are also many more cat behaviors and situations described in the book that cat lovers can identify with, including the difficulty of giving oral medication and showing up for work in clothes covered in cat fur. As I read through the first 10 or so pages, I thought of about six people I could give a copy of the book to as a gift because I knew they could also totally relate to what I was reading. And the cost is under $10, ($2.99 for the kindle version), so it’s definitely going on my list of gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Finally, true to Parks’ goal of looking beyond the aloofness stereotype, there are plenty of touching reminders of how special the relationship between the feline and human can truly be.

For an interview with Parks at Community Cats Podcast, click here:

For more about the book, you can visit:


Eight great cat quotes

Choosing a name for your cat

Pet museums for the dog and cat lover

Five products for the ‘diva’ cat in your life

Five fascinating facts about black and white cats, including one about a cat who changed colors!

t shirt ad

Love your cat? You can let everyone know with our new design

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We just created a new t-shirt design for cat lovers, and we’re kind of in love with it ourselves.

The kitty comes with the wording “Home is where the cat is.”

As you can see from the screenshot below, the design is available on a variety of types of shirts, as well as on accessories, such as mugs and aprons.

Home is where the cat is design For more information, visit our online store.

Dog treat gift bottles: make homemade dog treats and recycle bottles into beautiful gifts!

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This post started with us wondering what to do with the massive amount of Starbucks Frappuccino bottles we have collected. They are very nice bottles, so we don’t really want to throw them out, but they’ve been sitting on our shelves for awhile and we feel guilty whenever we get a new one.

So, we decided to combine two projects we’ve been thinking about — decorating the bottles and making doggie treats.

First, we’ll show you the end result.

Homemade doggie treats ready to give as a gift! (And in a recycled bottle.)


We also want to create labels for the bottles that we’re going to print out with the words “Dog Treats” and probably a cute little logo that we make up or some other artwork. We’ll place those over where we removed the Starbucks label because, no matter how well we washed the bottle, the glue where the old labels used to be is still really sticky.

You can use pretty much any kind of empty and clean food container that you have a lot of. (We also have empty Folger’s Instant Coffee bottles, for example, for holding larger treats.)

Next, we’ll tell you how we did it:

Like we mentioned, we peeled the labels from the bottle.

We then washed the bottle well and let it dry well.

We used some ribbon that we had to wrap around the neck of the bottle and some more to make a bow.

For the future, we’d like to get some round stickers that we can simply put over the Starbucks logo on the top of the bottle lid, but, for this one, we cut out a round piece of shiny green wrapping paper and glued that on. We used a glue gun to glue the thinner (dotted) ribbon around the edges of the lid of the bottle.

After that, we made the dog treats.

The recipe:

1 can of pureed pumpkin

1 jar of peanut butter (we used chunky for some extra crunch)


2 eggs

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Mix 3/4 can of the pumpkin (if you have chickens, you can give the leftover contents of the can to them; they will love it!) with two eggs, 3/4 cup peanut butter, 3 1/2 cups flour in a medium bowl.

You can use a blender, but we were able to easily mix the ingredients by hand.

dog treat batter


Spoon the mixture onto baking sheet in rounded balls approximately 3/4 of an inch apart. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, depending on how large the treats are. We made snack-sized treats so they would fit in the bottle.

Note: If you want to use a cookie cutter to cut the mixture into shapes, you will likely need to add more flour and also let the dough chill in the refrigerator for a few hours at least before cooking.

treats on cooking sheet

We cooked two batches of treats. The first batch was smaller and we let them cook hard all the way through, like a round biscuit.

For the second batch, we made the balls a little rounder and bigger and didn’t cook them as long, so that they stayed soft, like a cookie.

After letting both batches cool down, we let the dogs try them. All five dogs liked them a lot and seemed to really appreciate getting something that was freshly baked. In fact, within a very short period of time, almost both trays of the treats, except for a few we set aside, and the ones we put in the sample jar, had been consumed.

Here’s Terra, our older chihuahua, sampling one of the soft-baked treats:

Fortunately, the recipe yields a lot of treats if you make them in smaller balls or small-sized like we did. We made four tray-fulls all together.

The next day we made more treats and we did use one of the empty bottles from instant coffee to make a treat bottle to send to our sister, brother-in-law and nephew, who recently adopted a dog named Meadow from a shelter on Long Island.

Instant coffee bottle recycled as dog treat holder.

Soon after, Meadow got our treats in the mail and loved them! Plus she has a keepsake bottle for treats from now on. 🙂

Meadow eating a biscuit

Capture pet’s heartbeat, purr, meow or bark with new Heartbeat stuffed animal

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(PRWEB) — My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, manufacturer of a popular line of stuffed animals with a recordable heart designed to capture expectant parents’ baby’s heartbeat in utero, has made the leap into the pet market.

The new line is aptly named My Furbaby’s Heartbeat Bear, and each stuffed dog and cat comes with a 20-second recordable device to capture a pet’s heartbeat, purr, meow or bark.

“The best part about selling Furbabies at my mobile pet spa is that we can capture a pet’s heartbeat or bark/meow the day of their visit for the owner to take home as a forever keepsake,” says Aaron Rivera of Uncle Aaron’s Grooms and My Furbaby’s Heartbeat Bear wholesaler. “My customer’s love them!”

Utilizing the product’s app ensures the recording will be stored in the cloud permanently.

Each animal retails at $39.99 and breeds range from Labradors to Huskies. Black and orange kittens are also available.

A pet owner can accessorize their Furbaby with specialty bow ties and tutus.

For those who would rather have a picture of their furry friend, recordable frames are also available for purchase at $26.99.

Heartbeat frame

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, founded in 2011 by Purusha Rivera, helps capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments. The high-quality, plush stuffed animals come with a 20-second recorder that will store a heartbeat even through battery changes. For more information on available products or becoming a wholesaler, visit or phone (302) 918-7663.

Our review of Stinky Pig

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I found this Stinky Pig game at Walgreens for under $10 and decided to bring it on a trip to New York to visit my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. (Wow, there’s a sentence I never would have predicted I would be typing!)

Stinky Pig is actually available at a variety of retailers besides Walgreen’s. The lowest price we saw online was $5.61 at Amazon.

The game is pretty simple to play. Just press the pig’s belly and it starts to sing, which you can hear in the video above. As you can see in the instructions shown below, you pass it to other players and the player to be stuck holding the pig when it, well…passes gas, has to take a token.


I played with my sister and nephew and we had a lot of fun. My brother-in-law did not partake in Stinky Pig because of, well, perhaps dignity.

While Stinky Pig not the most challenging or cerebral game, it is good for laughs and kids (the package says “Ages 6 & up”), so I would recommend it if you’re looking for something to lighten up an evening or rainy day. I’d also say if you’re party is a little dull, you might want to bring out Stinky Pig to liven things up. (Again, there’s a sentence I never thought I would type!)