Our top favorite calendars for pet lovers for 2022

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Pet calendars are a great way to keep smiling all year long. Once again this year, here’s a list of our top 10 picks for the coming year:

1) 2022 Walkin’ Pets Calendar (7th Annual version)


All proceeds for this calendar go to the Handicapped Pets Foundation, which donates wheelchairs to animals in need. The calendar features 13 winners from a contest. Handicapable pets featured along with their stories include dogs, a cat, a cow, a raccoon, chickens, sheep and a goat.

For more information, or to order, go to: https://www.handicappedpets.com/calendar/?hsCtaTracking=5f52a6dd-9ff6-444e-91df-ac8f99cc9d4f%7Cacfdb603-f0ae-44c4-8ba0-d1e0a984e43b


2)Sellers Publishing Glamour Chicks 2022 Wall Calendar 16-Month 

Chicken lovers will likely enjoy this look at the series of various breeds of chickens all shot in fancy studio lighting by photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini. For more information, visit this link at Amazon.com.

3) 2022 Gary Patterson’s Cats Wall Calendar, 12″ x 12″

This cat-themed calendar features the artwork of Gary Patterson, an artist that many know for his ability to capture the humorous side of cat attitudes and behaviors.

For more, visit this link at Amazon.com.

4)2022 Square Wall Calendar – Piggies, 12 x 12 Inch Monthly View, 16-Month, Animals Theme, Includes 180 Reminder Stickers

See what these little piggies are up to each month for 16 months. Plus, the reminder sticker idea is a cool one for those whose New Year’s resolution includes getting organized.

For more, visit this link at Amazon.

5) 2022 Square Wall Calendar – Cute Bunnies , 12 x 12 Inch Monthly View, 16-Month, Animals Theme, Includes 180 Reminder Stickers

Based on the preview of included images, it seems like suckers for adorable bunnies won’t be disapointed with this one, which also includes reminder stickers.

For more visit this link on Amazon.

6) TF PUBLISHING – 2022 Dog-A-Day Wall Calendar.

If you can’t get enough of dogs, this calendar should be a good buy. This calendar is formatted a little differently, with every month featuring a new dog for each day of that month. Plus, there’s extra large space for writing notes on each date, so you won’t forget an appointment and wind up in the dog house.

For more, visit this link at Amazon.

Would you vacation with a goat? New venture offers ‘Goatel Vacation Rentals’

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The Goat Yoga phenomenon creator, Lainey Morse, recently announced a new product—The Goatel Vacation Rentals.

According to a press release, the rentals cater to those who are nature lovers, animal lovers, and adventure lovers. Each night stay includes a trademarked Goat Happy Hour Therapy.

Alvin Texas Original Goat Yoga launched The Goatel on the Chocolate Bayou, a goat-themed loft apartment above the goat barn that sleeps four and a waterfront Yurt that sleeps up to six.

The Goatel Texas

The Goatel of Texas

SF Bay, CA Original Goat Yoga location launched The Goatel perched atop Mt. Madonna and features a Yurt that sleeps five and RV that sleeps three. The views overlook the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood Forest with 360-degree views of cloudscapes, fog and mountains. Each stay includes an option to upgrade to goat yoga.

Goatel at San Francisco Bay

The Goatel SF BAY

Lainey launched Original Goat Yoga in 2016 and has licensed her brand to nearly 20 farms across the country. Lainey’s licensing opportunities include Original Goat Yoga, Goat Happy Hour Therapy Farms as well as this newest licensing opportunity, The Goatel Vacation Rentals. Lainey currently has ten locations and continues to expand across the USA.

SOURCE Original Goat Yoga


Virtually pet a goat or get chased by a donkey thanks to animal sanctuary ranch cams

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Understanding that folks around the nation are trying to stay safe inside while simultaneously looking for distractions, FarmHouse Fresh® has found a way to offer a bit of light with an inside look at some of their most beloved animals.

Guests can view numerous videos through the brand’s Donkey and Goat Cams.

Each bit of footage, such as Virtually Pet a Goat” and “Get Chased By a Donkey,” showcases different animals from the ranch, including Roo, a one-year old pygmy goat who arrived through rescue.

Also featured is Granny, a 25-year-old donkey who was saved from slaughter and arrived through the Humane Society of North Texas.

“At FarmHouse Fresh® we take as much pride in the animals we rescue and rehabilitate as we do in the skincare products we create,” said Founder and President Shannon McLinden. “We knew there was no better time to share the love and joy these animals have to give, even if it was virtually, and our hope is to make people smile in the same way we do every single day.”

For more information on FarmHouse Fresh®‘s new Donkey and Goat cams, check out their video page here.

The FarmHouse Fresh Ranch Headquarters is home to tghe farm animal sanctuary.

States their website, “As a spa and wellness brand, we believe being “green” goes beyond preserving the environment and includes ensuring the wellbeing of the animals that inhabit it. So we use profits from product purchases, to fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals that our employees help care for at our sanctuary.”

For more information about Farmhouse products, check out https://www.farmhousefreshgoods.com/

Source: FarmHouse Fresh®


A look at why goat milk is so good

We tried goat cuddling — here’s how it went…

Five very fun facts about the goat yoga craze

A look at why goat milk is so good

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petting goat with grandsonI recently posted about “goat cuddling” and how I tried goat milk from the farm we went to.

At first, I noted that the goat milk tasted just like regular milk, but, after I had a cup or two, I started to find myself craving more.

And then, I ran out.

Unfortunately, the farm I bought the milk from was two hours away, so it wasn’t like I could just make a quick trip to buy some more.

So, I tried regular milk. I also tried drinking heavy cream (in small amounts because it is super high in calories). But it just wasn’t the same.

Amazingly, I actually found out that the Walmart near me sells goat milk by the half gallon. So, I picked some up. It wasn’t quite as good as the stuff that came right from the farm, but it was still very delicious. It does taste like regular milk to me, but has a little more creaminess and is a little more rich. Calorie-wise, the goat milk from Walmart has 140 calories in a cup.

If you try it, I recommend shaking the carton each time before you drink it, otherwise the heavier stuff in it tends to settle to the bottom.

That got me wondering what it was about goat milk that makes it better (at least, in my opinion) than milk.

Here are a few goat milk facts I found:

  1. According to https://draxe.com/nutrition/article/goat-milk/, goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk because the fat globules in goat milk are smaller.
  2. Six goats can exist on the same amount of acreage as two cows, so goat milk is more environmentally friendly, according to https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/goat-milk-benefits/
  3. Goat milk contains magnesium, which is heart healthy. https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/health-benefits-of-goat-milk/ relates it helps maintain a “regular heartbeat and prevents the formation of blood clots and increased cholesterol levels.”
  4. Meyenberg, a goat milk company, notes that goat milk has more potassium than cow milk and 8 grams of protein.
  5. Healthfully.com reports that, “Goat’s milk supplies 327 milligrams of calcium per cup. This is more than the calcium in a cup of whole-fat cow’s milk, which has about 276 milligrams per cup.”


If you haven’t had goat milk but want to give a try, which I highly recommend, you can check to see if your Walmart or local grocery stores have it. Or, if you want to find it fresh from the farm, you can try a farmer’s market. Another place to check for those selling goat milk in your state (in U.S.) is https://www.realmilk.com/state-updates/#nd

We tried goat cuddling — here’s how it went…

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We recently did an article about goat yoga, which got us curious about places near us to try it out.

We found Hux Family Farm in Durham, North Carolina, which is about two hours away. They offer both goat yoga and goat meditation, but, while we wanted to try both, we figured, since we would have the grand baby with us, it would be better to do a farm tour, which they also offer.

The goat tours first are on the first and third Sunday of each month from March to November from 1-2:30pm (you can register here), and come complete with goat cuddling time.

After visiting with the farm’s horses and ducks, we entered a tent-covered area with towels — and goats.

three goats

…lots of goats!

lots of goats

Some goats were young and small. The biggest were not super-big—about the size of average-sized dogs.

There were about a dozen people on the tour and the goats actually did a great job of dispersing, going up to everyone and, well, cuddling.

boy petting goat

people cuddling goats

people and goats

There were also some very large sheep (one shown near back of tent).

It’s an amazing feeling when a goat slips up to you and snuggles next to your leg like you’re best friends, which this one did with me.

goat next to leg


I probably should have left my pocketbook in the car, though, because the goats seemed convinced there was something good in it for them.

goats chewing pocketbook

Sorry goats! No treats.

Without us having to do anything, such as calling them or offering any food (which we didn’t do), the goats pretty much automatically came to us, as well as everyone else. Some moved around the tent, but others found people to cuddle with and stayed with them.

As you can see, we were quite popular with the goats. I couldn’t stop petting the girl you see next to me in the photo. She was extremely sweet!


writer and grandbabywith goats


And we learned goats like to cuddle with each other too (this is a mom and baby).

two goats cuddling each other



The goats are trained to interact with visitors through lots of positive reinforcement, according to the farm owners. But we like to think they also really liked us.

toddler looking at goats

cute gold and black goat

And then, after about a half hour or so, although we really didn’t want to leave these cuddly cuties, it was time to go.

petting goat

One last neck scritch before we go.

On our way off the farm, we bought some goat milk, which, luckily for us, they also sell frozen (this was frozen when we left for home and just about thawed out and ready to drink when we got home). It tastes pretty much like cows’ milk to us, if you’re wondering.

Goat milk

And we purchased something we’ve been wanting to try for a long time — goat milk soap. At only $4 for a lemon-scented bar, it seemed like a bargain and we can’t wait to try it. Just touching it when it’s dry, you can feel how soft it is; it seems like it will be amazing for our skin.

bar of goat milk soap

It was definitely a fun time and I would love to go back for goat yoga. I will be leaving the pocketbook in the car though! 🙂

goat in pocketbook

Sorry goat, still no treats.


Five very fun facts about the goat yoga craze

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Goat yoga has become a global phenomenon and a bucket list item for many. In fact, according to a press release from PRWeb, The Original Goat Yoga has had thousands of people on a wait list just to try their classes.

So, whether you’ve heard of goat yoga, or are just discovering this fairly new, but popular, activity, here are five facts about goat yoga (or goga) that you will want to know:

1) Lainey Morse never planned to become a goat yoga mogul, but, Goat Yoga quickly took the world by storm after an idea during a child’s birthday party on her farm in Albany, Oregon, quickly became an international sensation, according to a PRWeb press release.

2) Goat yoga classes are for all ages and levels. Classes take place in a field space or studio full of goats. According to the PRWeb release, “While the goats do not participate in any downward dogs or warrior poses, they do meander freely through the crowd to stand on yogis’ backs and cuddle, and occasionally nibble on the mats.”

3) While not every town has some form of goat yoga yet many do. Goatyoga.net will help you find locations near you for Original Goat Yoga or unaffiliated goga classes.

Goat Yoga Central website screenshot

Screenshot of Goat Yoga Central website.

4) Goat yoga has all the traditional benefits of regular yoga, such as potential to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase balance and flexibility, but with the added adorable factor — if you like goats, that is.

5) Some places that offer goga also offer other goat-related activities.

Hux Family Farm in Durham, North Carolina, for example, provides goat meditation and goat reading therapy.

Laurita Winery in New Jersey offers a combination baby goat yoga, bottle feeding, snuggle time, and wine tasting. Hey, they had us at baby goats, but, throw in some wine and snuggling and we might never leave.

So, what do you think about goat yoga? Are you ready to try it? We are! In fact, we are a little afraid, we’re going to get a little too excited, like this fainting goat in a video from Critter Creek Farm.