Dogs Playing Poker and Caturday Art

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Yesterday, I decided to have a little fun with Photoshop and participate in the Caturday Art Blog Hop created by

I had this picture of Poussey on top of the curio cabinet and thought it was cute, but I hadn’t been quite sure of what to do with it before.

cat on cabinet

I thought it would be fun to cut her out of the photo and place her on something. I tried a few different building tops, including the one shown below, but nothing looked quite right.

cat on top of skyscraper

I tried inserting Poussey in this beautiful image from Unsplash, taken by Juan Rojas but I wasn’t quite feeling the way it came out.

So, I decided to change course and insert her into a class work of art, which is when I thought it would be fun to put a cat in the famous “Dogs Playing Poker,” painting.

When doing a Google search for a picture of “Dogs Playing Poker” to use, I found out some interesting facts.

According to Wikipedia, Dogs Playing Poker, by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, actually refers “collectively to an 1894 painting, a 1903 series of sixteen oil paintings commissioned by Brown & Bigelow to advertise cigars, and a 1910 painting.[1]”

The eleven in which dogs are seated around a card table have become examples of kitsch art in home decoration in the U.S.

The enduring images of a variety of dog breeds gathering together to play cards and drink beer are actually so ingrained in our culture that numerous references have been made to them in pop culture. As of this writing, Wikipedia lists 35 of these reference in movies, cartoons, TV shows and video games.

And, these paintings are not only well known, but you can bet your bottom dollar (pun intended) that they are worth big money. According to Wikipedia, in 2015, Coolidge’s 1894 “Poker Game” sold for $658,000 at an auction.

Poussey is not the first cat to show up at the poker table. There are various renditions of the original, but with cats instead of dogs, for sale by various artists as original paintings and drawings. Check out ones on sale at Etsy, for example.

For more interesting facts about the Dogs Playing Poker art, check out the article 15 Things You Should Know About Dogs Playing Poker on


cat inserted in Dogs Playing Poker painting

Poussey fits in nicely at the table.

To join the Caturday Art Blog Hop, scroll down and click, “Click here to enter.”


Toronto City skyline photo by Juan Rojas available here: Unsplash


New pet nutrition center offers help for pet parents with questions about nutrition

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Dogs with Freely dog foodDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, pet adoptions have dramatically increased while in-person access to support resources, like veterinarians or nutrition experts, has decreased.

Additionally, with many consumers, especially Millennials, preferring to shop online and many local pet retailers offering limited retail hours and curb-side pick-up, it’s no wonder pet parents are at a loss about where to turn with their pet questions.

To help, Freely®, a new pet food company which launched earlier this year, not only offers natural, Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) foods for dogs and cats, but also access to a team of pet nutrition experts.

The Freely Nutrition Center is a free resource for pet parents who want expert advice about their pet’s nutrition, dietary needs, and lifestyles.

You can connect with them by email (, phone (833-918-1236), or live chat at

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. But, if you contact them outside of those hours, they are committed to responding promptly the next business day.

“We are here to support pet parents at a time when it is difficult to find help,” said Freely CEO, Reed Howlett. “We genuinely want what’s best for you and your pet. So, if that means recommending another brand, we’ll happily do that.”

According to Sara Gilbert, DVM, of the Freely Nutrition Center, some of the most common questions they receive are:

•When should I transition my puppy to adult food?
•How much should I feed my pet?
•Is a grain-free diet better for my pet?
•My pet tends to gain weight easily. How can I manage that better?
•My pet sometimes has digestive issues, what kind of food might help with that?
•My pet is really picky. How can I encourage him/her to eat more regularly?
•Is there a nutritional difference between wet and dry foods?
•How often should I switch my pet’s food?

“There is an unbelievable range of pet food options available,” Gilbert related. “Each claims to offer unique benefits, which can be quite confusing and overwhelming for pet parents. Usually, there are many correct answers for each individual pet’s situation.”

She added that, the Freely service is there to help pet parents navigate their choices in an honest and empathetic way and find a solution that works for their home and pet.

Their site also offers a growing library of articles dedicated to pet nutrition topics, such as rotational feeding, the benefits of a flexitarian diet, and how your pet’s breed can impact their diet.

The Nutrition Center offers these tips for new pet parents:

Treats and other additions to your pet’s diet should make up no more than 10% of their daily calories.

For a guide on how many calories your pet should eat per day, search “Tips for Treats” on


Pets with a bowl of food that is always kept full are more likely to have trouble staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight. It is important that pet parents not only measure their pet’s food each day but also expect to make adjustments based on their individual lifestyle and needs.

Maintaining a healthy weight will pay off in your pet’s long-term comfort and potentially lifespan.


Your vet is your partner in pet parenthood.

Find a vet you have a good relationship with and feel comfortable contacting when questions come up.

It’s also a good idea to make a plan for how to reach them when you go out of town: leave a list of vaccine records, medications, and contact information with the pet sitter.


Pets thrive when they have a routine – with their mealtimes, exercise, bedtime, and even rules and behavior.

Whenever possible, keep things consistent.

This can also help you detect when something may be off.


Most pet parents know that chocolate and pets don’t mix. But other common human foods can be toxic for pets as well.

These include grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, xylitol (sweetener), onions and garlic.

If you think your pet has gotten into something, call your vet or animal poison control right away. Search “household toxins” on for a more extensive list of things to avoid.

About Freely Pet:

Freely Pet, LLC was started in 2020 by a group of passionate pet parents committed to making pet food easier to understand and buy. Freely products are available online at,,, and at select local neighborhood pet retail stores across the U.S.

All Freely products are Limited Ingredient Diet recipes made in the USA from the finest ingredients from around the world. Freely offers a selection of premium dry and wet foods as well as functional bone broth toppers for both dogs and cats, in a range of protein options from vegetarian and flexitarian to meat and fish.



Ten pet lover backgrounds for Microsoft Team and other online meetings

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you’re anything like us, you have spent  A LOT, like a mind-numbing amount, of time in Microsoft Team meetings lately.

And, like us, you might also be seeking a way to spice up the meeting bit or bring some of your personality to the forum.

That’s why we’re releasing our new, free pet-related backgrounds that you can download and install in Microsoft Teams or use for backgrounds in other virtual meetings.

So, here they are. Choose the one you like best or download them all and mix it up from one meeting to another.

person in front of cat background

Example of this background in use during a meeting.

  1. Our Mid-Century Modern Cat Background should bring a nice retro vibe to any virtual meeting.

And, if your real kitty tries to join in during a meeting–as many cats seem to love to do–his or her meeting cameo appearance might be less of a distraction since you will already be adorned by cats.


Mid century modern cats on red egg chair

2. Pop Art Donut Cat (inspired by the work of Andy Warhol) might just be the background for your next morning meeting. The combo of cats, donuts and bright colors should have even non-morning people smiling.

Warhol-like doughnut painting with cats

3. Professional cats conference. Here’s a background showing some fluffy business professionals joining in on your conference.

cats in a virtual meeting graphic

4. Brick House With Cats. You can also download the background that says to the world, “I’d rather be home with my cats… Oh, wait, I am.”

cats in front of brick house background

5. Beach Window With Cats. Or, you can incorporate a nice beach atmosphere with these three cute kitties in the window background.

three cats in window looking at beach

6. Abstract Cat and Butterfly. This next one may serve two purposes: Hopefully, it will make others smile, and maybe it will also serve as a subtle reminder to all to keep the meeting moving so everyone can get out and enjoy the outdoors as soon as it’s over.

cat and butterly graphic

7.  Koi Pond. Of course, we don’t want to forget other types of pets, so here’s a lovely koi pond that will likely help bring a little tranquility to your meetings.

koi and lilly pads background

8. Puppy Pattern. If your dog is anything like ours are, an online meeting means, ‘Hey, it’s time to bark.’ But, these little fellas should be nice and quiet, and, hopefully, a great hit with the group in your next online discussion.

dogs with balls graphic

9 and 10. Our White and Black Fur Background and our Pink and Black Fur Background are both classic ways of showing your love for all kinds of furry friends.

black and white fur background

We hope you enjoy these backgrounds and that they bring a little  whimsy to your future meetings!

Not sure how to download and install into Microsoft Teams? Here’s a quick video that shows how.

All backgrounds above created by Barbara Bullington. You are welcome to use the above background images without permission/attribution for decorative purposes within online meetings. For questions about other uses, such as commercial ventures, please contact Barbara Bullington.

Company creates air filter mask designed for dogs

Reading Time: 2 minutesRecent wildfires across California have sparked concerns about protecting pets from the harmful effects of toxic smoke. Wildfire smoke is dangerous because it produces toxic air particles that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled into the lungs. These toxic particles can cause immediate and long-term health problems in people and pets. Smoke inhalation can contribute to health problems including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and vision problems.

Anytime a person needs to wear an air pollution mask, a dog in the same environment needs to be protected.

The Good Air Team, an Austin based company, is announcing the first air filter mask specifically designed for dogs.

The K9 Mask® is a wearable air filter mask for dogs to protect them from the short and long-term health dangers of breathing toxic air from wildfire smoke, ash, dust, smog, chemicals, pollen, allergens, ozone and bacteria.

“People and their pets need to be better protected from extreme air pollution,” says Kirby Holmes, CEO of the Good Air Team. “Finding solutions to the problems of air pollution, like wildfire smoke, is the number one goal of the Good Air Team. We are empowering dog owners with new solutions to protect their pet’s health.”

The K9 Mask® is specifically designed for the shape of a dog’s muzzle. Each K9 Mask® size has adjustable neck and muzzle straps to fit various size dog breeds.

The replaceable air filters used in the K9 Mask® have four-layers of air filtration to purify inhaled air. The filters are able to protect dogs using the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) standards for toxic air filtration by using N95 (95% filtration of all non-oil-based air pollutants) with PM2.5 (particulate matter that is less than 2.5 microns in diameter) and activated carbon for absorbing toxic chemical particles.

Using an innovative exhaust valve, panting dogs are able to release exhaled air from the mask. The valve also releases heat to help keep panting dogs cooler.

The K9 Mask® is washable and is effective as a muzzle to keep dogs from biting in stressful situations often associated with a natural disaster crisis.

Good Air Team
Evan Daugherty and Kirby Holmes are co-owners of the Good Air Team. Together they form a team with a high capacity for engineering and pet focused health solutions. Their goal is to empower pet owners to protect their pets from air pollution. Founded in 2018, the Good Air Team began by creating an educational website about the dangers of global air pollution and the solution of wearing air filter masks.

K9 Mask® Made in the USA
Successfully funding a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in March of 2019, the Good Air Team fully funded the first production K9 Masks. All manufacturing for the K9 Mask® is done in the USA by craftsmen in Dallas, Texas.

They have generated over $200,000 in sales through the website and

Source: The Good Air Team


Initiative makes free life-saving pet oxygen mask kits available to fire and EMS departments during month of October

Learning pet CPR and First Aid for pet safety month

Animal rescue organization makes recommendations about what to include an pet emergency preparedness kit


Our picks for cat Halloween costumes

Reading Time: 3 minutesYesterday, we wrote about Halloween costumes for dogs. Today, it’s time for our favorite cat costume picks this year.

Although Halloween is still over two months away, we think it might be worth getting a headstart on your Halloween costume shopping for your cat or cats this year. That’s especially true if you’re ordering online since delivery times have been delayed so much lately.

Even if traditional plans for pet parades and many other in-person events may be cancelled this year, we suspect there will likely be online pet Halloween costume contests and, of course, it’s always just fun to have a photo session with your kitty in costume and show them off via social media.

So, whether your cat is sweet, funny, majestic, cool or spooky, or a combination of all of these, you will likely find something on this list that will help them show of their personality (or, purr-sonality):

    1. Help your kitty strut their stuff with this Bro’Cear Peacock Costume.


The headpiecee might not be a hit with some cats, but the “tail feathers” still make the costume work well without it. And it looks nice and easy to put on.

To order from Amazon or for more information, click here.

2) The cuteness factor is off the charts for this Idepet Pirate Costume. We believe even Johnny Depp would be jealous of how pirate-y your little feline looks.

For more information or to order on Amazon, click here.

3) Many cats are little princesses. In fact, one of the most wonderful cats we have ever had was named Tabitha, but we nicknamed her Princess, because she acted like one.

So, of course, this Frisco Princess Dog and Cat Costume caught our eye.

Frisco pet princess costumeFor more information or to order on, click here.

4) Panda bears are notoriously cute. So imagine the cuteness overload when your cat dons this Panda costume from InnoPet.

And kitty, or a small dog (if you have one) can also wear it as a coat even after Halloween is over.

To order on Amazon, or for more, click here.

5) A traditional scary Halloween costume, such as a bat, works great for a cat (we’re feeling a bit like Dr. Seuss after that sentence). And we like the simplicity of this one, yet how it still manages to make a statement. And your cat might love the idea of having wings for a day (just be careful that he doesn’t figure out how to use them!).

For more information, or to order on Amazon, click here.

Our picks for doggie Halloween costumes for this year

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt’s almost that time. Well, okay, it’s still over two months away. But we still think it might be worth getting a headstart on your Halloween costume shopping for your dog this year. That’s especially true if you’re ordering online since delivery times have been delayed so much lately.

Even if traditional plans for pet parades and many other in-person events may be cancelled this year, we suspect there will likely be online pet Halloween costume contests and, of course, it’s always just fun to have a photo session with your pet in costume and show them off via social media.

And, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about the kitties! Stay tuned for an upcoming post of our Halloween costume picks for cats!

But, for now, we’ll start with the dogs. We checked out different retailers to see what they were offering and here’s some of our favorites:

1) This spider costume from Camlinbo made us smile. We also like how simple it is — you don’t have to worry about a lot of moving parts, such as hats and other accessories. Yet, it’s still definitely an attention-getter.

The price is $15.99 and it comes in medium, large and X-large.

For more information or to order on Amazon, click here.

2) Of course, if your dog is a little bit more of a butterfly than a spider, this Monarch costume from Rubie’s Pet Costume might be what you’re looking for. Again, we love the simplicity yet eye-catching and adorable combination.

This one comes in small, medium, large and X-large. Prices vary depending on size.

For more information or to order on Amazon, click here.

3) Most dogs are sweet to start with, but your pup could be a mega sweetie in this cookies and milk costume.

And, if your dog isn’t big on hats, the cookie part alone will probably work just fine.

Prices vary depending on size. The costume is available in small, medium and large.

For more information or to order on Walmart’s website, click here.

4) Another one that we think will bring smiles to many is this Rubie’s Puppy Latte costume.

It’s available in small, medium, large and x-large. Prices vary by size.

For more information or to order on Amazon, click here.


Sharks seem to be very popular this year as costumes for pets. We especially like this Frisco Shark Attack Dog Costume because it looks both well-made and comfy for the dog.

It’s available for $16.99 in X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large.

Click here for more information or to order from


Featured image: Meadow from last Halloween wearing Wonder Woman costume from For more info about this costume, click here.



Halloween pet costumes: Where to find them, how to keep your pets safe and comfortable

‘Life in the Doghouse’ chronicles remarkable tale of two men who have saved 10,000 dogs over 10 years

Reading Time: 2 minutes“Life in the Doghouse,” which chronicles the life of two men with a singular mission to rescue dogs is now available for viewing on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Microsoft.

The story covers 10 years and 10,000 dogs saved.

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, of Danny & Ron’s Rescue in South Carolina, cared for for these dogs in their own home, and found forever homes for each of them.

Life in Dog House movie poster

The lifesaving duo of Danny and Ron.

“We didn’t set out for the attention,” says Danta. “But we love animals, and after getting our feet wet in New Orleans in 2005—both figuratively and literally—while rescuing Hurricane Katrina dogs, our outreach just grew from there.”

The attention grew first organically, then in the press, and now in a full-fledged movie.

Danny & Ron’s Rescue

Today, Danny and Ron rescue puppy mill dogs, bait dogs used in dog fighting, abandoned dogs, abused dogs, and kill shelter dogs, many just minutes away from being euthanized. Their 501(c)(3) nonprofit also delivers pet food and supplies to the elderly living in poverty and helps subsidize veterinary bills.

Danny and Ron bring these animals first into their own home because neglected and abused dogs, they say, recover and trust again much more successfully in a loving home. With help, they care for each and every one of their rescue dogs both physically and emotionally until they’re ready to be saved.

Danny and Ron have increased the “10,000 dogs saved” benchmark depicted in the movie to near 12,000.

For more information, visit


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Felines to the rescue! Cat film festival to help save independent movie theaters

‘Puppy Bowl’ referee shares fall pet care tips

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This has been anything but a typical year, and many of us are spending a lot more time around our pets. As we get ready for fall, pet Advocate and ‘Puppy Bowl’ Referee Dan Schachner shares some pet care and safety tips:


Whether you’re hanging with your pets at home or taking them on the road this summer, be sure to bring along the proper cleaning tool to tackle messes of all kind. The BLACK+DECKER spillbuster™ Cordless Spill + Spot Cleaner picks up wet and chunky messes made by pets with noticeable results in three seconds or less. The built-in formula dispenser and scrub brush help lift tough stains from carpet, upholstery, hardwoods tile and more.


Treats can be a great way to keep dogs healthy, motivated, and well-behaved.

But, when introducing a new treat to your dog, always offer tiny bits to start to make sure they do not have any sensitivities to a new ingredient.

You also may want to make sure the product is made to the highest food production standards. One such company, Phelps Pet Products, has released a new Wellness Collection, which features meat jerky recipes including proven “functional” ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint issues, and pre and pro-biotics to aid with good digestive health.

For more…

Check out this video:

Or, visit

Source: MultiVu


Beware of these potential fall dangers to pets that you probably didn’t know about!


Wowmypetdidthat receives certificates of excellence

Reading Time: 4 is happy to announce that we recently received two Certificates of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association for entries in the 2019 Communication Contest.

Our first entry was in the L. 4 Cartoon Category. Our entry was the Cat-urday Night Fever Dancing Cat gif.

Here’s feedback from the category judges:

Really enjoyed this one and it did make me laugh. Keeps the interest utilizing bright colors and comical characters. Great use of special effects. Very entertaining!”

“Toughest category of all! I’m way too “wordy” to be able to convey a thought in cartoon style and admire anyone who can!”

Our second entry and certificate received was for L.6 Illustration Series.

We entered the Paper Doll Cat Care Kit.

Free cat care and fashion paper doll kit


From the judges: “A really creative and fun way to teach kids the basics of cat care.”

We want to extend our sincerest thanks to the judges for taking the time to look at and provide feedback not just for our entries, but for all the many entries in all of the contest categories.

We’d also like to thank:

CWA President Deb Barnes, for working so hard to bring the contest and awards ceremony (which was online for the first time this year) to all entrants and Cat Writer’s Association members.

And speaking of the awards ceremony, thank you also to:

Paula Gregg – MUSE™ Medallion Scripting, Layout, and Editing; Amy Shojai & Alana Grelyak – Musical Score; JaneA Kelley – Executive Director and Behind the Scenes Virtual Ceremony Coordinator; Lynn Thompson – Special Awards Chair and Special Awards Judge Relations, Scripting, Layout, Video Editing; Robbi Hess – Treasury and Media Relations; Ruth E. Thaler-Carter – Certificate of Excellence Slide Preparation; Carol Lowbeer – Pre-Show Video Presentation and Certificate of Excellence Relations; Marci Kladnik – Graphic Design/Program Guide, Award Shipping Coordination; Ramona Marek – Editing and Administrative Support; Bonnie Koenig – Technical Support and Outreach Relations; Wendy Christensen – General Administration and Contest Coordination; and Sharon Melynk and her social media team, Anita Aurit, Rachel Loehner, Marjorie Dawson, and Sierra Koester for Social Media Support.

And a great big thank you to the sponsors:

Alley Cat Rescue

-Bronze Sponsor

Louise Holton, President

Denise Hilton, Director of Operations


American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

-Silver Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: AAFP Cat Friendly Practice Award

Sarah Nathans

Manager, Digital Communications

Cristina Williams

Marketing and Communications


CATalyst Council

-Silver Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: CATalyst Council Connect to Care Award

-Tabby’s Place fundraiser sponsor – monetar

Dr. Jane Brunt

Betty Cox


Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)

-Gold Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: CWA President’s Awar

Allene Tartaglia, Executive Director

Teresa Keiger, Graphic Designer



-General Sponsor

Dorian Wagner, Founder


Catster/Belvoir Media Group

-Bronze Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: Lorie Huston Health Award

Melissa Kauffman, Executive Editor, Catster Magazine

Annie Butler Shirreffs, Senior Editor  

Jason Mailliard, National Advertising Director, Print & Digital

Tim Cole, Executive Vice President and Editorial Director of Belvoir Media



-General Sponsor

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Monetary Donation

Kevin Dixon, Founder & CEO


Cornell University Feline Health Center

-Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor:

Dr. Jim Richards Cornell Feline Health Center Veterinary Issues Award

Bruce G. Kornreich DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Associate Director

Cornell Feline Health Center

Department of Clinical Sciences


Door Buddy

-General Sponsor/Program Advertiser

Scott Johnson


Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat

-Silver Sponsor

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: product, $200 value

Gina Zaro, Marketing Director


Fear Free Pets

-Platinum Sponsor

-Special Awards Sponsor:  Fear Free Pets Award and Fear Free Cat Enrichment Award

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: 10 autographed books by Dr. Becker, Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual for giveaway raffle

Marty Becker, DVM

Ruth Garcia, COO

Jessica Davis, Marketing & Communications


GoodNewsForPets / Germinder + Associates

-Gold Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: Human-Animal Bond Award

Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Monetary donation

Lea-Ann Germinder, President + Founder


Hartz Mountain Corporation

-General Sponsor

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser Sponsor: Product, $10,700 value

Stacy Kisla, Senior Director of Marketing

Gregg Herman, Marketing Director

Treena S. Rivera, Senior Brand Manager


International Veterinary Sciences (IVS)

-General Sponsor

-NEW! Special Award Sponsor: Christopher Knight Grooming and Feline Skin Care Award

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser Sponsor: Monetary Donatio

Ara Bohchalian, President


Fran Pennock Shaw and Ray Shaw

-Special Award Sponsor: Nancy Marano Senior Cat Well-Being Award (re-named in memoriam of CWA member, Nancy Marano)


Iris Scott Fine Art

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: (1) Canvas print, Foxy the cat raffle giveaway prize

Sasha Grafit, Studio Manager


Meat Me Pet Food

-General Sponsor/Program Advertiser

Laura Clark, VP, MeatMe Brand Management

Larry Clark, President & CFO

Sheree McDowell, VP, Retail Operations

Amie Cave, Graphic Designer


My Lap Pet Bed

Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: (1) MyLap Pet Bed Giveaway Raffle Prize

Tammy Olley, Owner & Creator


Nature’s Logic

-Bronze Sponsor

David Yaskulka, CEO

Caroline Golon, VP, Marketin


Petco Foundation

Gold Sponsorship Grant

Maryann Magana

Manager, Lifesaving Grants Administration

Joanna Randazzo

Manager, Lifesaving Grants Administration



Tabby’s Place Fundraiser giveaway raffle prizes: (2) Peek-A-Bird Cat Toys, (1) Microchip Cat Door, (2) ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes, and (2) Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toys

Celeste Vlok, Marketing Manager

Kevin Dalby, Associate Marketing Manager


Pet Sitters International (PSI)

-Silver Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: The PSI Professional Pet Care Award  

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Monetary Donation

Beth Stultz-Hairston, Presiden


Pet Tree Houses LLC

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Monetary

Joe and Shelly DelRocc


Pioneer Pet Products

-Gold Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor: Pioneer Pet Behavioral Training Award

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Raffle prize – (1) Bootsie Combination Scratcher

Shannon Supanich, Media & Public Relations Manage


PureLUXE Pet Food

-NEW! General Sponsor

Jeremiah Davis, Owner



-Silver Sponsor

Jane Skuta, Brand Marketing & Media Relations

Mike Leung, co-founder


The International Cat Association (TICA)

-Gold Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor:

Roeann Fulkerson, Director Marketing and Business Development

Beth Spencer, Social Media Manager


Vital Essentials Raw

-General Sponsor

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser Sponsor raffle donation – assortment of Vital Essentials

raw treats

Mackenzie Hanus, Digital Media Specialist

Jessica Pigeon, Donations Coordinator


World’s Best Cat Litter

-Silver Sponsor

-Special Award Sponsor:

World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award

-Tabby’s Place Fundraiser: Product donation $300 retail value

Jean Broders, Marketing Manager


Zen Clipper

-General Sponsor

David Levy, Pet Product Innovations



‘Bold and the Beautiful’ actor and his dog pair up to turn COVID quarantine into acting tour de force

Reading Time: 4 minutesFilm, theatre, television and commercial actor Matt Shevin, whose credits include starring in the 2020 Lifetime TV movie “Her Secret Family Killer” and appearing on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” has kept busy during the COVID-19 quarantine by co-starring opposite his 8-year-old Blue Nose Pit Bull, Ricky.

So far, Matt has shot 68 videos, recreating iconic movie scenes from films ranging from “The Hunger Gamesand The Hangover” to “The Graduate” and “Psycho.”

He calls this endeavor “Inside the Actor’s Quarantined Apartment,” gives major credit to Ricky for the project’s success, and relates that this compilation of videos with a dog and human team acting out so many different movie scenes is something that hasn’t been done before.

Ricky and me:

So, how did this dog and human acting duo first team up?

The human half of the team says that he was on the lookout for a new pit bull due to having an affinity for them and having had one in the past. Someone alerted him that a litter had been born and he was drawn to one pup in particular.

However, as a puppy, Ricky was in pretty bad shape. In addition to being dirty and the victim of a spraying skunk, he also badly needed to put on weight.

Shevin saw to the care, obedience training and feeding of his newly adopted four-legged friend, who, nowadays, sports silver fur so glossy it almost appears polished and weighs in at a very healthy 96 pounds.

While raising Ricky and working as an actor and writer, Shevin also started a blog,

When the COVID quarantine hit, the actor, who lives in Los Angeles, California, had an interest in making a video to keep busy. His friend suggested the idea of recreating iconic movie scenes.

The first scene, from “Casino,” was shot in March.

Once the creative juices were flowing, things moved quickly, with two or three videos being made per day on some days and almost 70 videos being created over just a few months.

Ricky with dog biscuit in Jello

The acting duo also did a tribute to the TV series “The Office,” with a dog biscuit substituted for a stapler in the famous Jello scene.

Ready for his closeup:

The puppy kindergarten and follow-up training over the years that Shevin did to help Ricky grow into a well-mannered dog seems to have paid unexpected dividends, as Shevin found that his furry co-star took direction really well.

“He’s proof that you actually can teach an old dog new tricks,” Shevin said in a press release. “I’ve got him wearing wardrobe and wigs, and he’s reacting on camera in ways that amaze me. I’ve become a Hollywood dad.”

As for some of Ricky’s best unexpected reactions on camera, there are many, according to Shevin. A favorite is the “Caddyshack” scene in which Ricky slightly cocks his head to the side while listening to the dialog and appearing truly insulted by the comments being made about the hat he is wearing.

Split screen: Ted Knight and Ricky

Ricky nailing Ted Knight’s character’s reaction from Caddyshack (Orion Pictures, 1980).

Another surprise from Ricky came when he lied down as if on cue after being “shot” at with a toy gun in a scene from “Unforgiven.” Although the hard-working canine actor might simply have been ready for a nap, according to his proud human dad, the timing was perfect.

An overall favorite scene recreation of Shevin’s is from “Forrest Gump.” In this montage, Ricky plays Forrest listening to an overwhelming array of possible shrimp dishes.

“I feel like sometimes he knows he’s on camera,” Shevin says, adding that, regardless, Ricky (who likes to stand outside their apartment and greet people and even has “regulars” who bring him treats) enjoys the attention.

Production and publicity:

Because the idea is that the scenes are made at home during quarantine, they are definitely not meant to be technically accurate recreations, but, rather, humorous spoofs of classics and blockbusters. Shevin says sometimes the makeshift props that have obviously been found or created at home deliberately add to the “quarantine” motif. Inasmuch as finding the funny beyond the props and his dog’s natural reactions, Shevin, who has also appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” says he will usually think of a movie and then kind of let it “marinate” it for a while until he decides how to approach it.

While humorous in nature, the videos have been good practice too, not just for acting, “but with the technical aspects, including lighting and shooting,” notes Shevin.

He adds that another upside is that the project may help create some good publicity for pit bulls.

Dog days of summer, and coming up on “Inside the Actor’s Quarantined Apartment”…

The human/canine acting duo are currently taking a hiatus to enjoy the beach, but Shevin plans to return in front of the camera with Ricky and keeps a list of movies from which he wants to take a crack at recreating scenes.

Some projects that could be in the works for the future? “127 Hours,” “Captain Phillips,” “Iron Man,” or “Edge of Tomorrow” are all on the list, according to Shevin.

How to find the videos:

Those interested in watching might want to grab some popcorn and perhaps start with Ricky and Shevin’s recreation of a scene from the movie “Big,” (below) or by watching as Ricky shows off his drawing talent in a scene from the “Titanic,” (also below) but all of the videos can be viewed at the following link: