Company releases list of top five hotels with best pet policies

Reading Time: < 1 minute’s recently released their choices for the top five hotels with the best pet policies.

The list is part of the Summer 2022 Hotel Pet Policy Guide, which includes pet policies at nearly 150 hotel chains across the U.S. and Canada., which has been advising pet owners on travel since 2009, researched hotel pet policies and ranked them, based on the criteria most important to pet owners, such as affordable pet fees and how many pets are permitted in a room.

The overwhelming winner as the Best Hotel Chain for Traveling with Pets is Kimpton Hotels, part of IHG.

Four other chains topped’s list:

1. Best Western Hotel Group, which charges a pet fee per room instead of per pet.

2. Red Roof Inn allows pets to stay for free.

3. Drury Hotels has a very clear and comprehensive hotel pet policy.

4. Extended Stay Suites provides a standard pet policy across all their locations. also researched hotel chains in the U.S. and Canada to determine their pet policies to include in the guide so travelers can search for information about their favorite hotel and each chains’ rewards programs.

Visit… to view the guide and see expert travel tips, reviews and resources for how to enjoy travel with your favorite furry friend.


Found Spaniel painting fetches over a quarter of a million dollars

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A Black and White Spaniel Pointing by George Stubbs that had been considered lost recently sold for £252,300 (about $300,702).

The painting was sold at Bonhams Old Master Paintings sale in London on July 6, according to a press release.

“Although Stubbs made his name as a painter of horses for the grandees of racing and horse breeding, he developed an equally lucrative career as a painter of dogs – often as commissions from the aristocratic owners of the horses,” explained Lisa Greaves, Bonhams Head of Old Master Paintings, in the release.

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Bark releases limited edition Jurassic World subscription boxes

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In collaboration with the movie “Jurassic World Dominion,” which was released in June, Bark is offering new and current subscribers of BarkBox, the option of Jurassic World boxes while supplies last.
BarkBox is a monthly themed surprise of dog toys, treats and chews, and BARK Super Chewer® is a monthly subscription box for dogs who play tough.
From Ankylosaurus to Velociraptor, BARK spared no expense to re-imagine characters, including Beta and Dr. Ian Malcolm, as the perfect prehistoric playmate for dogs.


In addition to the Jurassic Park theme, Bark also features other themes, including July’s “Pool Party Animals,” as well as “Stranger Things,” and “Boops ‘N Scoops.”

 To learn more about BarkBox and BARK Super Chewer, visit .


Household noises might be stressing out your dog

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found that people may not recognize that their dog is stressed when exposed to common household noises, according to a study.

While many people are aware of the stress caused to pets by fireworks or thunderstorms, the study, published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, finds even common noises, such as a vacuum or microwave can be a trigger.

Researchers conducted a survey of 386 dog owners about their dogs’ responses to household sounds and examined recorded dog behaviors and human reactions from 62 videos available online. The study found that owners not only underestimated their dogs’ fearfulness, but the majority of people in videos responded with amusement rather than concern over their dog’s welfare.

The research also found that high-frequency, intermittent noises,  such as the battery warning of a smoke detector, are more likely to cause a dog anxiety, rather than low-frequency, continuous noise. Dogs have a wider range of hearing, so some noises could also be potentially painful to a dog’s ears, such as very loud or high-frequency sounds.

Signs of anxiety

Cringing, trembling or retreating are recognizable signs of anxiety in dogs, but owners may be less able to identify signs of fear or anxiety when behaviors are more subtle. For example, stressed dogs could pant, lick their lips, turn their head away or even stiffen their body. Sometimes their ears will turn back, and their head will lower below their shoulders.

“We hope this study gets people to think about the sources of sound that might be causing their dog stress, so they can take steps to minimize their dog’s exposure to it,” said lead author Emma Grigg, a research associate and lecturer at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Sanctuary helps abandoned animals, including giving puppy who can’t walk a whole new chance at life

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A resident of Rindge, New Hampshire, became aware that pet owners were using his acres of land as a dumping ground for their unwanted animals, so he took this as a sign to transform his property into an animal sanctuary.

According to a press release, Tony Lombardo formed Ticket to Heaven Animal Rescue (TTHAR), finding resources to help puppies, senior pets and pets with special needs find their forever homes, as well as get them needed healthcare.

Among the animals rescued are a Pomeranian puppy with swimmer’s syndrome named Toby.

Toby was abandoned and unable to walk or move. His condition left him with his legs splayed out to the side, making standing on his own impossible. Lombardo partnered with Canine Strong, a Concord, New Hampshire, rehabilitation facility to give Toby his best chance of recovery. Canine Strong knew Toby would need a dog wheelchair and connected Tony with Walkin’ Pets.

Walkin’ Pets donated a wheelchair to Toby to assist him in his rehabilitation journey and help him become more adoptable. The Walkin’ Pets team drove to Canine Strong to gift him with his new wheels, help him adjust, and spend time making sure it was the perfect fit.

Toby’s full support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair will be utilized in Toby’s therapy sessions to help him reposition his legs and hopefully move on his own.

Toby can be seen in his new wheels in the short video below.

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How to safely take your dog swimming; tips from Santa Barbara Humane

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dogs at pool

Doggy swim day at Greenville Pool with Penny the Corgi mix.

Swimming with your pet can be lots of fun. But, remember that there are some hazards that should be taken into account. Santa Barbara Humane is offering some safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to dogs and swimming this summer:

Not all dogs like the water:

•Not all dogs can swim, and not all dogs that can swim enjoy the water. Let your dog lead when getting into the water; don’t force them into it.

Be a lifeguard:

•At the beach, watch out for riptides. Even when the waters look calm, there may be a riptide that could pull your dog (and people) out deeper. High waves can also knock a dog under water, causing fear or injury.

Don’t forget the life jacket:

•If your dog is coming along on a boat trip, make sure to bring a canine life jacket. Ensure beforehand that it is fitted properly because a loose or unstrapped life jacket will be little help if your dog is struggling in the water.

Fresh water only:
•Bring along fresh water that your dog can drink. While the water where you are swimming may seem fine, there may be high bacteria counts or algae blooms that you cannot see.

Take breaks:
•Swimming can be strenuous, especially in hot temperatures. Even dogs who love swimming may get worn out when paddling around. Give your dog breaks in the shade.

Wash off chlorine or salt:

dog in bathtub
•Chlorine and salt can irritate your dog’s skin, so rinse them off or bathe them after their swim.

Source: Santa Barbara Humane

Check out this chicken coop made with recycled materials!

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chickens and chicken coop

Chicken coop with dryer front door.
Photo subject to copyright; used with permission

The above photo of a whimsical chicken coop is from the Facebook group, “Chickens, Chickens, Chickens,” which is a group for discussing everything pet-chicken- related and which has been featured a number of times before on in various stories about chickens and their owners.

The picture was posted recently by group member Carleigh Acosta, who wrote: “Me and my hubby built this really cute chicken coop, whatcha think? 🥰🐓

Not surprisingly, hundreds of group members have already responded with likes and loves for this cozy coop and the ingenious use of materials that have been given new lives rather than sent to the landfill.

In addition to the dryer door opening, tires are used on the inside of the coop in various ways, including a fun swing.

inside of chicken coop

Photo subject to copyright. Used with permission.


Many group members commented on the creativity of the project.

Super cute,” remarked one user.

Adorable,” commented another.

But, perhaps the best response was from a user commenting on the chicken’s door, who asked: “Are they washed on the delicate setting? Or sanitize?”

Although Acosta says she still has some final adjustments to do on the coop, including adding some more measures to keep the chickens safe from predators, the picture below shows that the chickens are already checking out their new home and look excited to move in.

chickens inside coop

Photo subject to copyright. Used with permission.

Hilton and Mars offering special amenities for those traveling with pets

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Hilton and Mars Petcare are expanding their partnership established in September 2021, according to a press release. The companies will now offer access to virtual support from the Mars Pet Expert Team (PET) during their stay via Mars PET On-Demand—an online service to answer questions related to traveling with your cat or dog—at more than 4,600 hotels in Hilton’s portfolio across the U.S. and Canada.

This service is available across Hilton’s seven pet-friendly brands: Canopy by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, Tru by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton.

Perfect Pet-Friendly Stays
Guests and their pets staying at Hilton’s pet-friendly brands in the U.S. and Canada will now have access to pet health, wellness and behavioral support resources to answer questions related to traveling with a cat or dog.

The Mars PET On-Demand service content has been curated by a team of Mars Petcare professionals, including behavior specialists from doggy day care and boarding franchise, Camp Bow Wow and trusted veterinary health experts from BANFIELD, BLUEPEARL and VCA Animal Hospitals.

Hilton guests can also take advantage of a special offer from Banfield Pet Hospital, a provider of preventive veterinary care with more than 1,000 general veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Mexico, with a waived enrollment fee (up to $75 value) for new customers who purchase an Optimum Wellness Plan.

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are smart packages of affordable, preventive veterinary services—including 24-7 access to live Vet Chat advice, convenient virtual pet care options, routinely-recommended preventive care like vaccines and physical exams, and a discount on most Banfield services and products not included in the package. To take advantage of this special offer, guests can ask for access to the Mars Petcare online service upon check-in.

“With 23 million families adding pets to their homes over the last two years, this summer will be the first time many of these pets hit the road with their pet parents,” said Jessa Paschke, pet behavior consultant, Mars Pet Expert Team, in the press release. “Through Mars PET On-Demand, we hope to be able to provide pet parents peace of mind through on-demand articles and one-on-one advice to make the whole travel experience, from packing to settling in at the hotel, as seamless as possible so everyone can enjoy their time away together.”

Many of Hilton’s pet-friendly hotels also offer amenities such as pet bowls and extra waste bags. Canopy by Hilton’s Paws in the Neighborhood program provides guests with dog beds, food, water bowls and a “bark bag” filled with a toy, treats and guide to pet-friendly neighborhood activities. Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton team members provide local pet-friendly resources, such as where to find local dog parks, nearby 24-hour vets, pet stores and pet-friendly restaurants.

To learn more, visit or

Featured photo:

Hilton and Mars Petcarewill now offer access to virtual support from the Mars Pet Expert Team (PET) during their stay via Mars PET On-Demand — a convenient online service to answer questions related to traveling with your cat or dog — at more than 4,600 hotels in Hilton’s portfolio across the U.S. and Canada.

Searching for a pet name? Check out these flower and tree-inspired ideas!

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If you have a new cat, dog, or other type of pet, you might experience a little difficulty coming up with a name that fits them. But, this word search was created for both entertainment and also to help with possibly finding a flower, plant or tree-inspired name. There are some great ones on the list! And they’re fairly unique names too.

So, have fun searching the word search, and let us know in the comments if you end up naming any of your pets after one of the word search terms.

To visit the site most of these names came from, so that you can see what the plants look like and learn a little more about them, check out:

Have chick, will travel; This little chick likes to go everywhere her human goes

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baby chick in car

Beans the chick, tagging along. Photo subject to copyright; used with permission of copyright holder


Just the above photo alone is worth a smile, but there’s a story that goes with it and that is one of a chick who likes to go everywhere with her adoptive human parent.

The photo is from the Facebook group, “Chickens, Chickens, Chickens,” which is a group for discussing everything pet-chicken- related and which has been featured a number of times before on in various stories about chickens and their owners.

This particular pic was posted by a group member, Alexis Montelongo, who asked in the same post: “How do I deal with a chick who is so attached to me she think I’m her mom and freaks out if I’m not in eye sight. Her name is beans.”

Most associate attaching at a young age to ducklings. Chickens are far less likely to attach to humans. In fact, many chicks and full grown chickens can be downright skittish when touched or approached, no matter how careful or gentle the human is. But there are chickens who have been known to form a bond with a person or people, enjoying being petted or held or even living indoors.

Even more rare, according to, is a chicken with the desire to be and stay close to someone. Beans, who can be seen going for a ride while confidently and determinedly perched on her human’s shoulder, seems to fall into this rare category.

So, what did others in the chicken group think of this adorable tag-along chick? Some related similar stories of bonding with a hen or rooster, so it seems like, although young now, Beans will probably continue to stay attached to her chosen “mom” in the future. Those with less outgoing or affectionate chickens expressed a wish for such attention from their feathered pets.

Others simply expressed adoration for Beans. One Facebook user advised: “Enjoy it and take her everywhere! I would.”

Another said:

So freaking cute. Just go with it 🥰
We couldn’t agree more!


For an interesting article on chicken and human bonding, check out: