Guessing the sex of a peacock, i.e. peafowl

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Well, it’s official. As you may have read in earlier posts, we were hoping Sweet Pea was a peahen (female) but we posted “her” pics on a Facebook group last name and commenters unanimously identified Sweet Pea as a he. That’s going to take some getting used to as we have been referring to him as a her for the past six months.

And today we captured this video of him displaying his tail feathers for one of or possibly the first time.

Sexing a peafowl is difficult when they’re young, around a couple of weeks to two months old. There are some behavioral clues that aren’t a guarantee, like the males tend to be more active than the females. Also, males often have longer legs. Continue reading “Guessing the sex of a peacock, i.e. peafowl”