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chick peeking out from hen's wing

Cutest baby fowl contest

The cute feathers are flying over at backyardchickens.com, our favorite chicken website for information about

Dog with bunny ears on TV

Wow! Your pet could be a star thanks to the Cadbury Bunny tryouts

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For the first time ever, Cadbury, one of America’s top

pet study infographic

Does the pet you own mean you’re more likely to watch certain TV shows? Study shows it might

(Netflix Media Center) — Watching a show with someone else can sometimes have its downsides,

Cover of "White House Mockingbird"

Wow! This pet bird may have been the first White House pet

Richard J. Adler publishes “White House Mockingbird” (SBPRA) — Bird lovers and history buffs can

A screenshot from Youtube of the bald eagles known as Liberty and Freedom

Wow! Look what these awesome animals are doing!

Nest cams offer a rare, closeup look at pair of bald eagles in their natural