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birds flying over city at night artwork

Turning lights out for birds to help them get where they need to go

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We all know that birds can become confused and fly into windows. But, according to, migration seasons mean bird casualties at nighttime when large numbers of birds are on the move, navigating by stars and in the midst of cities with lots of well lit buildings.

To try to mediate the problem, the Bird Friendly Communities program was formed. It is a volunteer-based initiative.

Flying the ‘furry’ skies? Are emotional support animals a legit way of calming human flyers or is the system being scammed?

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One flight attendant had to page for a vet because a passenger said their dog was having a breathing problem. A nurse onboard assisted and advised the owner to hold the animal tightly and talk to the “emotional support animal” because it was having an anxiety attack.

Monkey inspected by TSA
As of 2010, monkey are no longer recognized by the ADA as service animals. However, Helper Monkeys, are specially trained to help people with quadriplegia, spinal cord injuries, and mobility impairments, according to Wikipedia. By Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

We’re writing this piece as a followup to the article we published yesterday about the survey of flight attendants who want a consistent policy throughout the airline industry to define requirements while supporting passengers with disabilities and veterans.

The piece—which mentioned people flying with emotional support dogs, cats, household birds (parrot, finch, etc.), rodents (hamster, guinea pig, etc.), pigs, reptiles, and non-household birds—made us wonder about what is going on and whether all this traveling with animals is really necessary.