Free boarding and daycare for pets being offered to first responders and others working on front lines during COVID crisis

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Protecting pups’ paws; Baely’s Paw Shield® Announces Nationwide Free Shipping with No Minimum Order

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Shedding some light on pet fur: Hacks for getting it off furniture, some unusual uses, and how shedding can signal pet health problems

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Five ways to calm an anxious or hyper dog without medication or pills

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Beware of these potential fall dangers to pets that you probably didn’t know about!

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Stinky cat breath; why a trip to the vet for diagnosis is important

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Be Dog Smart™ initiative offers information about responsible dog adoption and resources for new dog owners

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Pet Leadership Council (PLC) announced today the launch of Be Dog Smart™, a new education initiative designed to help […]