New book coaches newbies through process of starting dog-walking business

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With people working from home during the pandemic, professional dog walkers were not required. But, with more people returning to work, the demand for dog walkers has soared.

In response, owner of Ruffle Snuffle®, Sarah-Jane White, has released a new book “How to start a successful Dog Walking Business in 10 Easy Steps.”

Combining decades of experience in business, marketing and running her own award-winning brand of enrichment products, Sarah-Jane has put together her step-by-step system, showing how to start a successful dog walking business.

The book covers how to quickly get up and running, how much to charge, how to market your business for free, and more.

“Reliable dog walkers are always in demand. But to succeed in this competitive marketplace, you’ll need more than just dog knowledge; you’ll also need some business acumen,” says White in a press release.

The book is available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.



Business touts benefits of mealworms for chickens

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Over the last two years, the number of Americans rearing chickens has increased to around 26 million.

Recent trials conducted by Ÿnsect have shown increased performance on egg size for chickens eating mealworms.

But egg size isn’t the only consideration for those raising chickens. Most chickens live to eat and, for most of them, mealworms are the meal of choice.

Companies that create pet food are taking notice of both the increase in chicken adoptions and the benefits of mealworms, and some are flocking to mealworm production and distribution.

According to a press release, Jord Producers, based in Nebraska, has been incorporated into Ÿnsect’s production portfolio, signifying the global company’s entry into North American mealworm production. The move comes off the back of Ÿnsect‘s introduction to the US market in November 2021.

With the world’s largest vertical insect farm in France, Ÿnsect transforms Buffalo and Molitor mealworms into premium, sustainable ingredients to feed animals, fish, plants and humans. Ÿnsect exports its products worldwide.


The addition of Jord Producers reflects Ÿnsect’s expansion into the US market andtheir entry into the backyard chicken feed market. During the pandemic, the backyard chicken market saw significant growth in America. By 2026, the US market is predicted to reach approximately $400M, according by a recent study by Arthur D. Little.

Also according to the press release, mealworms contain the amino acids chickens (and other livestock) need for optimal development: very high protein content (72% protein), highly digestible, hypoallergenic and the potential to decrease skin diseases.

Antoine Hubert, CEO and Co-Founder of Ÿnsect commented, “We’re very excited to continue establishing our presence in the US, which is a priority market for Ÿnsect as we expand globally. As an impact company, sustainability and support for the environment is at the top of our agenda.”


Company invests in insect protein-based pet food and treats

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According to a press release, Thai Union Group PCL (Thai Union) has invested in Orgafeed, one of the leading insect-based pet treat start-ups in Thailand.

Orgafeed produces sustainable pet food and pet treats based on insect protein under their brand “Laika.”

Black soldier fly larvae, which are raised on a diet from pre-consumed food waste, are used, thus supporting circular economy principles.

“At Thai Union, innovation and sustainability are two important pillars of our business,” said CEO of i-Tail, Thai Unionn, Roy Chan, in the press release. “The pet industry is experiencing strong humanization and premiumization trends, which has led to customers looking for healthier and more sustainable products, thus driving our portfolio towards sustainable pet products, such as insect protein, where the environmental impact (emissions, land and water usage) is significantly lower than other kinds of farmed protein.”

While some find the idea of insect-based pet food or treats intriguing or industrious, others may find it to be…well…somewhat icky.

However, according to PetMD, cats and dogs eat insects all the time on purpose or by accident and the manufactured product looks just like pretty much any other form of dog or cat food we’re used to seeing.

That being said, U.S. consumers will probably not be able to purchase insect-based pet food or treats directly anytime soon. According to PetMD,, “Insects are not currently a permitted ingredient in commercial pet foods in the US.”

For more about pros and cons of insect-based pet food, check out the rest of this informative article at PetMD:


Featured image: Dog treats from Orgafeed, under the “Laika” brand (Credit: Orgafeed)




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Busch seeking dog to fill chief tasting officer position

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As Busch Dog Brew expands, it’s also looking to expand its Senior Leadership Team to include a four-legged member with a discerning palate — a Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) — according to a press release.

Last year, Busch released its first-ever product made not for fans, but for its fan’s dogs: Busch Dog Brew. According to the press release, the alcohol-free, bone broth brew provides owners with the perfect opportunity to crack a cold one with their favorite canine companions.

“The reaction to Busch Dog Brew’s release last year was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we had a big challenge in Year 2 to keep the momentum going. So, to expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert in the space on our team,” said Daniel Blake, Vice President of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch in the press release. “We’re excited to give one qualified canine a real, paying job and to tap into their insider knowledge of our target consumer to expand Busch Dog Brew in 2021!”

The  full-time CTO role will have very important responsibilities, including taste-testing and fulfilling duties as an ambassador for the product and featured content creator on Busch’s social channels.

The role of Busch CTO comes with a salary of $20,000 and dog-friendly perks including healthcare (pet) coverage, and free Busch Dog Brew.

Is your pup qualified to be Busch Dog Brew’s, Chief Tasting Officer? You can apply by posting a picture of your dog on social media, along with their qualifications and #BuschCTOcontest. For additional details on how to apply, visit

Busch Dog Brew

Busch Dog Brew is available for purchase in 4-packs at


Study shows pets in the workplace have a lot of positive benefits



Cats can ‘bug out,’ enjoy a ‘rainy day,’ and more with interactive puzzle toys

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Originally unveiled at the 2020 Pet Expo, Nina Ottosson by Petstages cat games have made a big impression on cat parents worldwide.

As the first of their kind, Petstages cat games offer physical and mental stimulation for cats, and are also designed with the ability to adjust the level of difficulty in order to exercise a cat’s natural hunting instincts.

The line of cat games include the award-winning Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play game, as well as the Rainy Day Puzzle & Play and the Melon Madness Puzzle & Play. Each puzzle presents its own level of difficulty to exercise a cat’s natural curiosity and foraging instincts.

The Buggin’ Out puzzle game, for example, offers 16 sliding pegs and swiveling leaves for cats to interact with. Beneath are 16 treats compartments – eight on top and eight on bottom – for feline discovery.

“We noticed on social media that many cats were using the dog games and the owners were tagging us,” said Michael Parness, Outward Hound Chief Marketing Officer in a press release.

Swedish dog trainer Nina Ottosson of Outward Hound designed the cat games after launching her dog games over 20 years ago and seeing the opportunity for cats, too. Nina’s philosophy is that our pets “have four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways.”

“Cats need play and mental stimulation, too!” said Ottosson. “We designed these new toys to stimulate cats’  natural foraging abilities.”

The Melon Madness Puzzle & Play Cat Game  from Nina Ottosson by Petstages, an OUTWARD HOUND portfolio brand, has launched at over 2,000 Walmart stores nation-wide.

Learn more about the award-winning cat puzzles on the Outward Hound blog.


Outward Hound® is a Prospect Hill Growth Partners Portfolio Company that is an award-winning innovator, creator, manufacturer and distributor of thetoys, games, gear and feeders for dogs and cats. For more, visit and follow @OutwardHound on Instagram.

SOURCE Outward Hound

Featured Image: PRNews photo/Outward Hound Melon Madness Puzzle&Play


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Company using ‘super accurate’ trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs

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According to a press release, some dogs in New Jersey are employees in a unique line of work.

Bed Bug Sniffers, a bed bug inspection service based out of Burlington, New Jersey, recently announced the launch of its new operation.

It will serve residents and business owners in Burlington County and Camden County by assisting them in identifying bed bug infestations.
But, unlike other bed bug inspectors that rely on human-based detection methods, Bed Bug Sniffers utilizes the acute sense of smell possessed by canines.

“Our bed bug dogs are unreal in terms of how accurate and fast they can be,” said Bed Bug Sniffers Owner Ryan Lees, who decided to open a canine bed bug inspection company in Burlington because he saw a need for more reliable bed bug detection services in his local community. “They’ve gone through certified training to be able to sniff around a room, immediately pick up the scent of bed bugs, and tell us where they’re located. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes per room.”

Lees added in the press release that the process is amazing to watch (and, we would have to say, likely the cutest way to get the bad news if you have bed bugs).

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs have around 225 million scent receptors in their noses while humans have only 5 million. By the way, for a somewhat related, fun quiz, check out the AKC’s “Sniffing Out the Sniffer” quiz at the following link, which lets people try out their hand at identifying dog breeds based on pictures of their noses:

Research conducted at the University of Florida shows that canines are able to identify the presence of bed bugs versus other insects with a positive accuracy rate of 97.5% and that they can also differentiate live bed bugs and viable eggs from dead ones with an accuracy rate of 95%.

Bed Bug Sniffers officially opened for business in January 2021. It provides bed bug inspection services to residential and commercial customers in Burlington, Cherry Hill, Mount Holly, and surrounding communities. For more information, visit:


•Pfiester, Margie et al. “Ability of bed bug-detecting canines to locate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.” Journal of economic entomology vol. 101,4 (2008): 1389-96. doi:10.1603/0022-0493(2008)101[1389:aobbct];2


Australian shepherd wins ‘Farm Dog of the Year’ award for hard work, devotion and making life better

Pet therapy stories blog launched to honor dog helping humans

Pet Care Innovation Prize winners include plastic litter box alternative and stress-free temp taking at the vet

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Purina launches allergen-reducing cat food

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Ben & Jerry’s ‘unleashing’ frozen dog dessert

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Great Pyrenees

Boone is a Great Pyrenees who lives with Sarah, a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru. He was an unofficial taste tester for both flavors.

The talk of the internet when it comes to pet news today seems to be that Ben & Jerry’s has a new line of frozen treats for dogs.

Will dogs love it as much as we love getting a spoonful of cookie dough in our own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? For that matter, will dogs get their own cookie dough flavor? We don’t know yet.

Here’s what we do know, based on a press release from the company:

•For the first time in the ice cream company’s history, Ben & Jerry’s is unveiling two new flavors designed exclusively for canines.

•Doggie Desserts by Ben & Jerry’s are tasty frozen treats that are specifically formulated for dogs with a sunflower butter base.

•The flavors include peanut butter & pretzel swirls in “Pontch’s Mix” and cool creaminess of pumpkin and mini cookies in “Rosie’s Batch.”

“Pontch’s Mix” and “Rosie’s Batch” were named after two real dogs in the Ben & Jerry’s office—an affectionate Frenchie and a rescue mutt of mixed heritage.

•As a dog-friendly workplace, the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont often has up to 40 pups curled up under desks, keeping employees company.

•In addition to the two new Doggie Desserts, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with like-minded suppliers to offer pet accessories like a 6’ custom tie dye leash made from recycled water bottles and a plush cone toy stuffed with recycled fill. Limited quantities are available at

•Doggie Desserts will be sold individually in 4-oz mini cups or in 4-count multipacks, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 and $4.99. They will be found in supermarkets, mass retailers, and select pet stores nationwide.

To learn more, visit and/or follow @BenandJerrysDogs on Instagram.


Doughnuts for dogs

Company announces its first meat-free dog treat



Forget to get your guinea pig a holiday gift? These circus-themed toys might be a great way to seek forgiveness

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So, I stumbled across HayPigs on the internet this evening and just had to share their very cute products for Guinea Pigs.

According to the HayPigs website, their mission, as a family-owned company is to: “produce high quality products with longevity and attention to detail, designed specifically for the needs of guinea pigs and their owners.”

A press release on their site about Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (July 16, if you’re wondering), also relates their dedication to making sure guinea pigs, which they describe as incredibly intelligent, social and having compicated need, are well-cared for as pets:

…we feel it needs to be said. In the UK pet trade (and indeed elsewhere), our approach to small animal welfare and enrichment is at times, archaic. We need to wake up and start taking our responsibility as educators seriously. It is at the point of purchase that we have the biggest opportunity to educate new pet owners on better understanding what is required to give these animals a fulfilling life. As a brand, we are a champion for change and there is no better motivation to drive our business forward, than the opportunity to do this.”

The company is also looking for sustainable solutions, including a release this past summer of their shipping box, which doubles as a guinea pig house.

card box/house for guinea pigs

Although they are a U.K.-based company, two of their products are now available for purchase on Amazon in the U.S., including the HayPigs 3-in-1 circus ball and the Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel:

According to their site, more products should become available in the U.S. over time, which is likely going to be exciting news for guinea pigs and their people because these toys already seem quite popular with the HayPigs, which are a group of rescued guinea pigs who are the inspiration behind the products and also product testers.

You can see the HayPigs in the video below and also on other videoes on their youtube channel:


Earlier on this past year, the line of toys was chosen as one of four finalists in the Gift of the Year 2020 pet category. The Gift of the Year Awards, according to a press release on the HayPigs site, celebrate the best of the best in home and gift retailing and are highly-respected in the retail industry, as well as honour the latest, most original and innovatively designed products that could be given as gifts.

For more about this company, a look at their adorable mascots, a checklist for preparinng for a guinea pig, and even fun activity sheets, visit:
or follow them on Instagram at:


Designer dog neck wear company turns dog apparel into masks to prevent COVID-19

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Pup Scruffs, which launched in March as a dog-apparel company, rebranded its merchandise to be masks for people when the pandemic hit the country. As a result, sales have skyrocketed.

dog wearing Pup Scruff

The SW Amigo Pup Scruff

Pup Scruffs made designer neck wear for dogs, offering 40 different brightly-colored designs and fun dog-inspired patterns, said Katie Bernotsky, one of the owners of the company in a press release.

However, while the owners realized March wasn’t going to be a good month to launch a dog apparel company, they decided to adapt. Bernotsky and her husband, who had started wearing the neck wear as masks to prevent the virus and received compliments while wearing them, decided to sell the neck wear as neck wear for dogs and as masks for adults, toddlers and children.

The company offers 10 sizes for dogs and three sizes for people (adults, children and toddlers).

By refocusing marketing efforts, the company’s sales quadrupled overnight; Pup Scruffs are shipped all over the country.

“We have received so much positive feedback from customers that these masks have been the perfect solution for families,” Bernotsky said in the press release. “People have been purchasing them to match their children or pets.”

The masks are lightweight and breathable, made from a polyester/spandex blend.

Pup Scruffs donates a portion of all sales to the Lynchburg Humane Society in Lynchburg, Va. Within two weeks, the company donated $5,000 to the shelter.

For more information, visit



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