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water trough after being cleaned

The struggle is real: Tip for cleaning algae out of pet’s water bowl

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A lot of pet owners seem to struggle with keeping algae (either green or red) out of their pet’s water bowl.

We have this problem with our dogs and cats, but the chickens’ water is harder because, even though we have a hose back where they are, we don’t like to use any soap products on or around them. We also honestly don’t get to clean it as much as we do the dog and cat bowl. Sorry chickens! But it’s not easy to get to the trough and it’s harder now that we usually don’t get home from work till after dark when it’s too late to clean so we can only get it on the weekends (we do change their water every day though).

Anyway, although we haven’t come across anything that gets rid of it all together, we have found a couple of ways to help with getting rid of algae quicker.