Third annual “My ‘Pet’ Peeves” photo contest

May 2, 2019

“We’re thrilled to bring back this photo contest for the third time during National Pet Month to allow pet owners everywhere to share photos and be entertained by each other’s pets’ crazy antics.” ANN ARBOR, Michigan (PRNewswire) — Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company, is celebrating National Pet Month this May with its third annual “My […]

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light up topiary rabbit

Light up topiary bunny and dog for outdoor use

April 28, 2019

We saw these cute light-up, faux topiary bunnies and dogs at Big Lots. The rabbit, which is 18 inches tall is $30. Here’s the description: Bring a hop and a pop of lighting to any setting using this wonderful artificial bunny-shaped topiary! Featured in a seated pose with round ears and tail, this faux bush […]

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Happy spring bunny gif

Happy Spring bunny gif

March 23, 2019

Please enjoy our Happy Spring bunny gif. If you want to use this gif on your website, here’s the embed code: <blockquote class=”embedly-card”><h4><a href=”https://wowmypetdidthat.com/happy-spring-bunny-gif/”>Happy Spring bunny gif – Wow, my pet did THAT!</a></h4><p>Please enjoy our Happy Spring bunny gif. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare on PinterestShare on XingShare on Reddit</p></blockquote> <script async src=”//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js” […]

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From lifelike figurines of your cat or dog to prosthetic limbs for animals in need, 3D printing is creating brighter futures for animals and owners

January 11, 2019

3D printing on its own is pretty amazing. Add in pets and the possibilities become extremely interesting. Here’s a look at some ways 3D printing is being used when it comes to our furry friends: Lifelike recreations: Some companies are now offering 3D printing of models of pets. GravityB, a Calgary-based studio, for example, creates […]

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Shedding some light on pet fur: We examine some hacks for getting pet fur off clothes, look at some unusual uses for pet hair and discuss how your pet’s fur can be a sign of how healthy your pet is

November 25, 2018

Our dog Maggy is a beauty, but also quite the shedder. According to the ASPCA, it’s estimated that there are 78 million pet dogs and 85.8 million pet cats in the United States. That’s a lot of loose fur. It also means a lot of companies making some serious bank from people attempting to keep […]

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Survey shows having a pet can help lead to success

November 16, 2018

A survey conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital® discovered a correlation between pets and professional achievements: 93 percent of C-suite executives surveyed in the U.S. grew up with a pet, with 78 percent attributing their career success in part to owning a pet as a child. VANCOUVER, Washington (PRNewswire) — Pets bring joy, companionship and comfort […]

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thumping bunny graphic

Why do rabbits thump their feet?

November 13, 2018

An often asked question about rabbits is “Why do they thump their feet?” Here are the top reasons: To warn other rabbits of danger, such as a predator nearby. Even if your rabbit is the sole bunny in the house, if he thinks he senses danger, such as hearing a loud, unfamiliar noise, he may […]

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