Animated dog programmed to bring cheer to homes this holiday season

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Animated Golden Retriever

We saw this guy in Walmart in Washington, North Carolina. However, he was only in the box and not out on display, so we were curious to find out more about what this cutie could do.

We looked him up on the Walmart website and learned that he is called “Holiday Time Life-Size Animated Golden Retriever Christmas Figurine,” and is available for $89.

We figure dog lovers like us, and especially Golden Retriever fans, would probably be happy to add him to their holiday displays.

The dog plays three holidays songs and has 10 sayings.

We also found this video on youtube showing him in action:



Inflatable holiday lawn dog

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Inflatable lawn dog

We saw this inflatable, 3.5 foot tall holiday lawn decoration at Walmart for just shy of $15.

While, as dogs go, he might not scare away intruders, he will likely spread holiday cheer.

Here’s what he looks like out of the box:

Holiday inflatable dog

Here’s the link to find him online:

We also saw this cute Boston Terrier for $14.98. Although he wasn’t displayed outside of the box in the store, he looked cute on the package.

Inflatable Boston Terrier in box


Dachshund outdoor holiday decoration

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If you love dachshunds, you might enjoy this Holiday Time Light-up Outdoor Plush Dachshund Dog Decoration, 22″. We spotted it at Walmart for $19.88.

We thought the antlers were especially cute.

Light-up outdoor dachshund

Here’s the link to it on Walmart’s website:

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Light-Up Flying Pig and Light-Up Fluff White Terrier

Get in the holiday frame of mind with these hilarious dog and cat stuffed animals

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe visited Big Lots in Greenville, North Carolina last night and had some fun playing with the holiday animals that are on display there.

We think these will be big hits with animal lovers.

First up is a Christmas cat rapping MC Hammer style to the tune of “Can’t Touch This.” As you can see, he has a little help from one of the mimicking snowmen, which we also found adorable.

Next up is this really adorable dog, who barks “Jingle Bells.”

Third, we have this striped cat, performing to the tune of “Baby Got Back,” again with the help of a snowman on a nearby shelf.


So, after all our playing with the different stuffed toys, which one do you think we bought?

Well, we brought home this guy, the cat rapping to the tune of “Can’t Touch This.” Here he is, once again.

We figure he’ll get along nicely with our guilty pleasure collection of performing stuffed animals, including this Christmas Egg Droppin’ Chicken we bought last year (from Tractor Supply). 

And, this fuzzy dog we bought from Big Lots two years ago.


We definitely have growing collection. Some of our other past stuffed animal purchases for other holidays or special occasions include:

This guy singing “The Cupid Shuffle.”

And this hilarious graduation llama, singing “Good Feeling. We got him at Walmart.

What will next year hold for our collection? We have no idea, but we will keep you posted!

Until then, MC Hammer cat, hit it one more time:




Doughnuts for dogs

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We were in Sheetz in Greenville, North Carolina today when we saw a display with all kinds of fancy dog treats, including these Doggy Dough-mutts.

As you can see, they look good enough for people to eat. They look so good, in fact, that we did a double take when looking at the package because we just wanted to make sure they were actually for dogs.

Doggy DoughMutts

According to the Cosmo’s Snack Shack website, only six ingredients, including sweet potato, are used in this otherwise decadent-looking snack. And, if you’re wondering, the doughnuts are actually hard like a dog biscuit, not soft like real doughnuts.

We tested them out on our dogs, Scooby and Caramel. Scooby ate his immediately.

Below is Caramel taste-testing hers:

If your local Sheetz isn’t selling these and you are interested in buying them, you can check out the Cosmo’s Snack Shack site for more information about where to purchase:


Get ready for Halloween with a huge, moving lawn cat

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIf you love Halloween, and cats, as much as we do, you’ll probably want to check out this large, moving, inflatable Halloween lawn decoration. We spotted it in Lowe’s this evening.


This big guy is 4.2 by 6 feet. He costs $79.98. Here’s the link for more information about the Holiday Living Animatronic Lighted Black Cat Halloween Inflatable:

And, while we didn’t see it in the store, we saw a very similar-looking cat, although without the moving head and 4 by 2 feet in size, on the Lowe’s site for $23.57. Here’s the link for that one:


Halloween cat decoration

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We found this cute Black Tinsel Cat decoration in the Halloween decoration section at Big Lots in Greenville, North Carolina.

At just $8, you might want to take home more than one to decorate your home this fall and/o for a Halloween party. And, although it’s being sold as a Halloween item, we think it’s cute enough to display all year.

Here’s the link for more information:

Light up topiary bunny and dog for outdoor use

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe saw these cute light-up, faux topiary bunnies and dogs at Big Lots.

The rabbit, which is 18 inches tall is $30.

Here’s the description:

Bring a hop and a pop of lighting to any setting using this wonderful artificial bunny-shaped topiary! Featured in a seated pose with round ears and tail, this faux bush is fitted with LED lights that illuminate a lovely warm white. Battery operated by timer for easy placement and display, this adorable topiary accent is the perfect addition to a porch, patio or entryway.

And the link:

The dog, which is 21 inches in height, is $40.

Here’s the description:

Sit! Good boy! This adorable battery-operated lighted artificial topiary of a puppy adorns your home in charming details. Made of faux pine needles for an added effect, he illuminates in warm coloring for his fitted LED lights. Complete with an adorable gingham plaid collar with bells, this delightful doggy is perfect for decoration on the patio, porch or in your home.

And the link:

Sustainable dog treats

Reading Time: 2 minutesBusiness cardWe first found out about Piggyback Treats at a vendor booth in an outdoor Philadelphia market during a vacation when family members bought a scarf for their dog, Meadow, along with some treats (including a large bone that helped keep Meadow happy in the hotel room).

Meadow wearing scarf

Meadow got a lot of compliments on her scarf while being walked on the streets of Philadelphia, BTW.

Anyway, Piggyback Treats has a cool story, so we thought we would share a little of it.

Their goal is to create each preservative-free treat from an original recipe with a main ingredient that is a “rescued” food item, such as fallen apples from orchards and by-products from butcher shops. In the process, they work with local and regional businesses to help reduce their food waste.

The treats are made by a chef and packaged in Philadelphia, but if you can’t make it to Pennsylvania, no worries. You can also visit their shop online at where you can find a wide array of treats for your dog(s), including pumpkin bones, dehydrated wild caught salmon skins, and peanut butter bier bones.

And, yes, you can also get a hand-crocheted pet scarf like Meadow has (or in other color combinations and sizes).

Meadow wearing scarf





Kate Spade woman walking dog iPhone case

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe found this cute woman walking dog iPhone X Plus Case by Kate Spade at Macy’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At $45, it’s a little pricey, but it’s definitely adorable.

Description: kate spade new york Brooklyite iPhone X Plus Case.

Get in the New York state of mind with the chic kate spade new york Brooklyite iPhone X Plus Case.

Click here for information about how to buy from Macy’s online.

By the way, if you like the above, you might also like our very own Walk in the Park cell phone case, which is for sale for $25 for a variety of cellphone types on For more information, click on the link below the photo:

Woman walking dog cellphone case