Caturday art

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I’m participating in Caturday Art, an online network of various cat-related sites posting their cat art.

Technically, it was still Saturday when I started working on the art, but time got away from me a bit, like it somehow often does when I’m using Adobe Illustrator to create artwork.

I knew I wanted to create some abstract cat art, but I kept deleting and restarting because I wasn’t happy with the way some of the backgrounds came out. Finally, though, I ended up with these two.

This first little guy makes me smile. Hope he does the same for you!

This second one is actually the first one I created. It probably looks deceptively simple, but I really struggled with getting the eyes and the body of the cat the way I wanted. Truth be told, I changed the background a bunch of times. I accidentally deleted the original file, or I probably would go back and mess around with the outline of the cat a bit more and some of the background shapes. So, maybe it’s good that I deleted it because I would definitely end up staying way too late working on it.

But, I am happy with the way the color looks (I borrowed from Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe artwork). When I have more time, I may go back and recreate it and sharpen the color and lines a bit because I think it would be kind of cool to have as a wall hanging or put on a card.

Warhol inspired pop art with cats

Hope you enjoyed these! Happy Caturday (now Sunday)!


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