Changing clay cat litter: Download our cute litter changing reminder

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Different kinds of cat litter require changing with different frequency. But the most basic kind — clay cat litter — usually needs to be changed at least twice a week.

But with so many other things going on in our busy lives, it can sometimes be easy to forget about changing the litter on time — much to our kitty’s disappointment.

With that in mind, we created a handy and cute chart that you can print out and hang up nearby your cat(s)’ litterbox or litterboxes. We know there are apps out there that you can use, but sometimes good old pen and paper just works better and not everyone has room on their phone for yet another app. Just mark down the date each time you change the litter and you can easily check when you need to replace it. Each sheet is good for slightly over a month and we decorated it with our kitty artwork so it will look nice too.


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