Check out this chicken coop made with recycled materials!

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chickens and chicken coop
Chicken coop with dryer front door.
Photo subject to copyright; used with permission

The above photo of a whimsical chicken coop is from the Facebook group, “Chickens, Chickens, Chickens,” which is a group for discussing everything pet-chicken- related and which has been featured a number of times before on in various stories about chickens and their owners.

The picture was posted recently by group member Carleigh Acosta, who wrote: “Me and my hubby built this really cute chicken coop, whatcha think? 🥰🐓

Not surprisingly, hundreds of group members have already responded with likes and loves for this cozy coop and the ingenious use of materials that have been given new lives rather than sent to the landfill.

In addition to the dryer door opening, tires are used on the inside of the coop in various ways, including a fun swing.

inside of chicken coop
Photo subject to copyright. Used with permission.


Many group members commented on the creativity of the project.

Super cute,” remarked one user.

Adorable,” commented another.

But, perhaps the best response was from a user commenting on the chicken’s door, who asked: “Are they washed on the delicate setting? Or sanitize?”

Although Acosta says she still has some final adjustments to do on the coop, including adding some more measures to keep the chickens safe from predators, the picture below shows that the chickens are already checking out their new home and look excited to move in.

chickens inside coop
Photo subject to copyright. Used with permission.


    • The dryer door makes me smile. And, from a practical standpoint, it really is a secure way to keep chickens warm and safe.

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