Chicken statue find: Our review of Darice Country Blue Hen Decoration

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So, I wanted to share this little statue that I bought on recently. It came in the mail the other day and I can’t get over how cute it is. I like it so much that I actually ordered another one, which should be delivered soon.

It’s this little gal:

Darice Country Blue Hen Decoration: 4 x 7 Inches

chicken statue

I like a lot of thins about her, including the colors, which are a nice mix of red, white, black and blue, so they fit in well with a lot of different colors. I think she goes well with the blue wall. The picture above looks a little deceiving to me. Even though her body is actually blue, it looks more grey in this picture. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s just me? Or maybe it’s my camera.

closeup of chicken statueAnother thing I really like is how detailed she is, especially her eyes. As a chicken owner, I spend a lot of time admiring my chickens and the expressions they make, and I really feel like this statue captures a chicken’s eyes well. As I write this, the statue is across from where I’m sitting and seems to be looking at me.

For comparison, here’s a picture of one of my real hens giving the camera the sideeye. Pretty close, huh? (This pic cracks me up, by the way. She stoppeed to look at me like “do you have any orange slices” and then was back on her way, but it’s such a perfect pose!)


I don’t bring my chickens inside, except when it’s really cold outside. When I do, their living space is usually my front porch. I know some people actually have indoor pet chickens, but I don’t think I’d be able to stay on top of cleaning up after them. Not to mention they probably wouldn’t get along well with my dogs. But, it’s nice to have a little reminder of them indoors.

Here’s another gratuitous chicken photo. This one also makes me smile because it looks like they’re spelling out “C” for chicken.

Four chickens in C formation
C is for Chicken

Speaking of indoor chickens, awhile back, I almost wrote an article about the growing trend of chicken diapers for indoor chickens, but I put the topic aside for when I had more time to look into the topic. Here’s one example of a chicken diaper for sale, though:

The third thing I like about this statue is the price. I’m an Amazon Prime member so, it cost $12.96 and was shipped for free. I also noticed it was available from other sellers for a little less, but with shipping charged, so it works out to about the same.

Finally, I like that she’s durable. I had to do some searching to find out what she’s made of. It seems to be polyresin. I thought it was wood. Whatever it is, it has already weathered being accidentally dropped on the floor by my grandson. Between my kitties knocking things off shelves and my explorer of a grandson, I definitely need sturdy knickknacks and decorations!

I can’t wait until the second one arrives!

If you’re interested in learning more about this product, click here for the link to where I bought it on Amazon.



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    • I have two now. There’s also a red one I want to get, but for some reason it’s more expensive.

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