Chicken toy review

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We just got our new Ware Manufacturing Peck N Play Chicken Ball Toy, which someone recommended to us on a chicken group we belong to.

The size is 4.5″ by 4.5″ by .45″. It’s described as a good toy for helping prevent chicken boredom.

There are holes in the top and bottom that you can stuff vegetable and fruits slices into. Or, if you have more time on your hands, you can try unscrewing the small screws on the sides and putting in the goodies, then closing it back up. Then, you let the chickens chase it around and try to get the food out.

We like the idea because, even though our chickens have a fairly sizeable living area, they have pretty much pecked away all the grass that was there. So, we were hoping for something to amuse them and to give them a little extra something to eat in a more exciting way than their daily feed routine.

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to try it. Here’s a video of our results using millet because we had picked some up last night to see if the chickens would like it and the ball arrived in the mail at a time when we don’t have any fresh produce in the house.

As you can see, they were definitely curious about the ball. We think this will be a great toy for them. The issue seemed to be that they weren’t very interested in the millet at all. We are going to try again with some fresh fruit or veggies and see what happens.

We purchased this toy through but it is also available at Walmart, at least online.

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