Chicken website debuts Chickens Got Talent contest and results show

chicken at microphone
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Anyone who has chickensas pets know how fun these birds can be to watch just going about their daily activities. But, one website is helping show that chickens can also be very talented.

Chicken’s Got Talent” features a collection of fun chicken antics.

“We received hilarious and impressive videos,” said program director Molly Sutton in a press release. “We have chickens dancing, running obstacle courses, playing instruments, riding a bicycle, doing card tricks, and more. is a non profit website that offers ad-free, open source information about how to raise chickens, and a program of Capax World (, which implements practical, sustainable solutions to malnutrition and poverty. The site works directly with communities to establish and expand coops and gardens, noting that chicken eggs are full of protein and can be an excellent food to help keep people healthy.

“A single hen can lay more than 500 eggs in 2 years,” Sutton said. “This is a powerful tool in fighting malnutrition.”

Chicken’s Got Talent winners were announced on May 2. All the contestants and the top ten selected by a group of judges can be viewed at

Here’s a compilation showing some of what’s in store. So, if you’re on the fence about watching, you’ll probably be crowing with excitement after seeing this!


Chickens are increasingly being seen as pets, and some are even becoming celebrities


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