Chickens are increasingly being seen as pets, and some are even becoming celebrities

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The trend toward backyard chickens is on the increase. What many are finding as they care for these creatures is that, although they got the chickens for the eggs, the chickens actually turned out to have fascinating personalities. Hence, backyard chickens have become beloved pets for many.

small flock of chickens eating

And some have even become famous in the process. Here’s a list of some chickens that have gone viral:

1) Sammi is a Florida chicken with her own instagram page and youtube channel. She may already be familiar to you if you’re on Facebook, as her story has been shared many times there as well. Sammi travels a lot and poses for a lot of chicken selfies with humans who are happy to meet her. Sammi is credited with brightening up the life of her owner who adopted her while grieving the passing of his pet dog. Sammi walks on a leash and loves the beach, including dipping in the ocean.


2) Also covered on the news and also from Florida is Loretta, a Rhode Island Red, whose owner takes her paddle boarding.

What has probably helped make this story so popular is Loretta’s clear enjoyment of the experience. While many are used to seeing the expressions of dogs enjoying such activities, the face of a chicken heading up a paddle board with unbridled enthusiasm, is pretty unexpected.


3) Big Mama. Big Mama was a Rhode Island Red Hen from Texas. Her fame came about posthumously after her obituary was published in a local newspaper, which raised more than a few eyebrows. Now, she has a Facebook page so that her “family” can “raise awareness about all chickens and show the world just how wonderful they truly are!”

There is also a chicken rescue group associated with Big Mama on Facebook,  and a moving tribute video on youtube:


4) It’s not all about the hens though. You may have seen the video of a very speedy little rooster racing to the school bus to meet a little girl getting off each day. If you haven’t, it’s worth checking out. The youtube video currently has almost 4 million views and counting! The inquisitive and active rooster named Frog also watches his owner do dishes and he “helps” do the laundry.

While these are just some of the chickens making names for themselves on the Internet, we expect many more to follow suit as the backyard chicken trend continues and people discover the personalities under the feathers.

Our own Alfredo Fluffybutt was a sweet rooster who would always chatter away and was more than happy to stop and pose for a photo or video. We created facebook and instagram pages to show off his many charms.

silkie chickens
Alfredo and Gidget

Sadly, Alfredo was killed, which was a heartbreaking loss. However, he died valiantly, protecting his wife, Gidget, and young chick from an attacker (we think it was a possum). That young chick, Peep, is now a handsome rooster following in his father’s footsteps and he and Gidget and the rest of our small backyard flock can be seen, along with Wow My Pet Did That! news, on the social media pages:


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