Choosing a name for your cat

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cat cartoon "You may call me Her Royal Highness Princess Feline Beauty Face"

There are a lot of cat name generators on the Internet, but they aren’t all create equal. So, after a lot of trial, we have come up with two tops picks. These should help you find the perfect name for your new cat or kitten with ease:


Just answer some questions about your cat’s coloring, gender, size, intellect, and how down to Earth he or she is. You can also include some additional adjectives to describe your feline, and indicate whether you want a long or short name.

Although she already has a name, we entered a description for our tortoise-colored cat Motor. Suggestions included cute monikers, such as Chunk, Amber, Orca, Pixie, Sundae, Cleo and Olive, along with some names that made us chuckle, including Mrs. Moroseworth and Miss Fondlickle (it’s cute, but we couldn’t imagine trying to say that with a straight face at the vet’s office).

One of the aspects about this site that we like best is that it provides a reason as to why the name is suggested as opposed to just random names. For example, the name Silhouette is tagged as “suitable for a black cat.”


This one is really simple. Just hit “Generate Cat Names” and you get a list of five names.

We got suggestions like Oak, Newton, Kelso, Egg Roll and Talia. These names kind of make us want to go out and adopt more cats just to bestow them on some lucky animals.



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